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Modules:Analytics Usage


Simple Query

An example of a simple Query built with Saiku.

  1. Select a Cube, in this case Sales Order Cube.
  2. In the Dimensions section, click on Product - Product Category Dimension and Sales Order - Accounting Date Dimension to expand them.
  3. Move Year Member from Accounting Date Dimension to the Columns axis.
  4. Move Product Member from Product - Product Category Dimension to Rows axis.
  5. Move orderQuantity Measure to Filter axis.

The result is a Report with the Order Quantities of all the Products for all the Years.


Using multiple dimensions

An example of a Query with Saiku with multiple dimensions, based on the Query previously done.

  1. Move orderQuantity Measure from Filter to Columns.
  2. Move lineNetAmount Measure to Columns.
  3. Click on Sales Order - Organization Dimension to expand it.
  4. Move Organization element from Sales Order - Organization Dimension to Columns, and place it after Year element.
  5. Click on Year element and select only the Year 2013
  6. Click on the arrows over orderQuantity Measure, so the data is ordered by orderQuantity Measure in a descending order.

The Report shows the Products, ordered by their orderQuantity, for the Year 2013 grouped by Organization.


Using filters

An example of a Query with Saiku that uses the filtering option of an axes, based on the Query previously done.

  1. Click on the arrow icon in the Rows axis. A Frame with some filtering options will appear.
  2. Click on Limit
  3. Click on Top ten by...
  4. Click on orderQuantity

The Report shows the previous data, but only shows the ten products with more quantity ordered.


The options to filter any axes on Saiku are:


Options menu when clicking on a dimension

An example of the usage of the options menu of a Dimension, based on the Query previously done.

  1. Click over F&B España - Región Norte. A Menu with options is shown.
  2. Click on Keep and Include Level
  3. Click on (All)

The data now shows information for the Organization F&B España - Región Norte alongside information for all Organizations, so it is easier to compare them.


In the options Menu for any Dimension it is possible to:


Save and Load queries

It is possible to save a Query and Load it later. The buttons to save/load Queries are in the Toolbar of OB Analytics Window.

When saving a Query it is required to give it a name.



It is possible also to visualize the information using different graphics. Following with the Query previously done.

  1. Click on F&B España - Región Norte.
  2. Click on Keep Only.
  3. On the upper right corner, below Mode:, click on the graphics icon.
  4. Click on Multiple Bar Chart graphic.

The graphic shows the ten Products with more ordered Quantity in 2013 for F&B España - Región Norte, with the ordered Quantity and the Net Amount.


Export to xls/pdf

It is also possible to export the results to an xls, csv or pdf file using the corresponding buttons on the Toolbar of OB Analytics Window.


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