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XMLA - xmla4js - Excel Integration

Openbravo Analytics supports the XMLA webservice api.

The standard xmla context path/url to the xmla webservice has a form like this:



Openbravo embeds the xmla4js application web ui, the xmlajs application can be accessed through a url like this:


Note: the xmla4js samples have the xmla url pre-filled with http://localhost:8080/openbravo/xmla?l=Openbravo&p=openbravo, make sure to replace this url with a url relevant for your installation.

Client analytics xmla4js.png

To access Openbravo Analytics through xmla4js visit the xmla4js sample page:


You can read/access Openbravo Analytics also from excel through the XMLA webservices. This is for example supported through a excel plugin as provided by Simba (non-open-source).

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