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Modules:Auto BOM for Retail/User Documentation



This module implements an structure that allows WebPOS to generate automatically the production of the products before processing the order.

You can define the products that will be generated automatically and it will create the production even if it is recurrent just taking into account if the recurrent productions are needed (if there is already stock of the products needed).


Product A is produced by 2 Products B

Product B is produced by Product C

Product D is not a Bill of Materials


This article explains how to configure the module Auto BOM Production for Retail. It assumes the reader knows how to configure Openbravo Commerce Platform.

Bulbgraph.png   By default Bill of Materials window and Manufacturing tab are not Active

Product configuration

In order to use the Auto BOM production it is needed to set the product as Bill of Materials and Auto Generate BOM.


Locator configuration

In order to define the locator where the created products are going to be it is needed to configure the manufacturing tab on Product window. It is needed to set the Organization of the store and the Locator desired.



Once the Order has been closed it will create the Bill of Materials and it will be linked to the previously created order.



Once it is configured properly you just need to go to WebPOS and create an order. If it contains one or more products checked off as Bill of Materials and Auto Generate BOM it will create the production before closing the order. If something goes wrong (e.g.- not enough stock) the order will appear on Errors while importing POS data.

Bulbgraph.png   This capability is available starting from version RR19Q2

In WEBPOS it is also possible to modify the ingredients of a BOM product directly by removing them or adding substitutes. For more information about how to configure subsitutes please check the BOM Version module.

Once user clicks on the product line he has to select the Customize button.


Then a pop-up with the ingredients will be displayed. In order to remove an ingredient uncheck it and to add a substitute click on the square icon.



The BOM Process is recurrent so it will create the production of the Product Set as AUTO Generate BOM and the Products that are part of this production that are set also as AUTO Generate BOM. If those products have stock they will not be created (Only the recurrent ones) and if it is a raw material it is needed to have stock.

Production with no stock

Bulbgraph.png   This capability is available starting from version 1.0.6

It has been created a preference called Auto BOM: Allow negative stock in raw materials by default is set to N but if it is override and it is set to Y it will create the production even if there is no stock for the raw materials.

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