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This article explains how to configure Bill of Materials (BOM) Version functionality. The current module only implements the configuration of the BOM versions and the 'Substitute' Products. It does not modify/extend/re-implement any of the existing logic that uses the standard 'Bill of Materials' functionality. It is intended to be extended from external modules.

A new tab named 'BOM Versions' has been added under Product window. Only visible if the product is marked as 'Bill of Materials'.

BOM Versions

It will be possible to define more than 1 BOM Version per each product.


Product BOM Version

A new tab has been added below BOM Versions tab in where all the product components of the version can be defined.

Product BOM Version.png

Create BOM Version

A new button has been added in BOM Version tab that helps to create all the components of a BOM Version. This process will get all the components of 'Bill of Materials' tab and per each record it will create a record in 'Product BOM Version' tab.

The button will open a popup with one option

Create BOM Version button.png

Verify BOM Version Process

A new button has been added in BOM Version tab that will check that there are no cycles in the Bill of Materials product configuration. Example:

* Product A is a BOM and has product B as component.
* Product B is also a BOM and has product A as component.

This process will also check possible product Substitutes that will be explain in the next section.

Verify BOM Version.png

The template also makes another change. The 'Verify BOM' process by default for 'Bill of Materials' tab it doesn't check any possible substitute. This process has been replaced in the template by a new one that does the same as the original one but also checking possible cycles in the configuration, as explained before.

Substitute tab

A new tab has been activated below Product window in where all the substitutes of a product can be defined. The idea behind this tab is that any component product of a BOM or a BOM Version could be substituted by any of its product substitutes.

Substitute Tab.png

Add Substitute process

Substitute tab UI Pattern is 'Delete Only'. In order to add any product substitute a new Add Substitute process has been added in Product window header tab. This process will display the list of products that can be substitute of the current product.

Add Substitute button.png

The button will display the following fields:

Add Substitute Process.png

This process has been implemented along with the restrictions to add manually records in the tab because it checks possible cycles in each BOM or BOM Version in where the product substitute can be substituted.

A product to be a possible substitute of another it has to be configured as 'Is Substitute'

Is Substitute flag.png

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