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Modules:Carrier Integration Base Module



This module adds the needed infrastructure to integrate the Freight Management with Carrier's online platforms. As each carrier requires its own implementation it is needed to install specific modules dependent on this to integrate with the desired Carrier.

In this guide is explained how is the application configured and how is launched the integration process.


Each Carrier has to define the Carrier Integration to be used. The values available in this field are added by the modules that integrates the carrier. If you don't find a record for a carrier make sure that the corresponding module is installed.

Depending on the chosen Carrier Integration it might be needed to configure more data added by the integration module. Check the guide of each module to view additional needed configuration.

Send from Pack

The integration of the deliveries with carriers is done using the Packing module. When a Pack is completed and ready to deliver it is possible to integrate with the Carrier platform using the Integrate with Carrier button. This button is visible when the Carrier Integration Status is not Successfully Integrated.

The process shows a confirmation message before executing the integration. It is possible to select multiple packs. In this case all the Packs are integrated each of them on a different call. When the Process finish all the Boxes of the successfully delivered Packs should have the Tracking Number.

Send from Shipment

It is also possible to launch the integration process from the Goods Shipment window. The button Integrate shipment with Carrier is available when the shipment is in a Packthat it is processed. This button also allows multiple selection.

The process in this case gets all the Packs related to the selected Good Shipments and executes the Integration for each of them.

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