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Modules:Complementary Products/User Guide



Currently in Openbravo is not possible to relate products to each other. This feature aims to solve this issue. In a simple way it will be possible to relate product just with a new tab under product window

Although the configuration happens in the backend this feature will be fully implemented just in WebPOS


Being in the backend and in order to relate products with another one go to:

How to

Know a product has complementary products

Once a product is added to the ticket and if the product has related products there will be the following icon CP 1.png in the line. Yellow colour means that the user has not gone through its complementary products, that is, the icon has not been clicked. It helps the user to notice that he didn't tell to the customer that the product has related products and which ones

If the user has already click the button and either selected or not its related products the colour changes to green CP 2.png

Select complementary products

There are two ways of seeing the complementary products that belongs to a product:

CP 3.png

CP 4.png

CP 5.png

Delete the parent product

CP 6.png

CP 7.png

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