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Modules:Configure Alfresco Attachment Method



First of all you need to install the module that includes Alfresco integration. Also is needed an Alfresco repository to manage the content that will be uploaded from the ERP.

Configure attachment method

The configuration of the attachment method must be done for every user that wants to use the attachment method. The configuration could be different for every client, also different users can use different attachment methods.

It is available a explanation of how to configure an attachment method. In the configuration of Alfresco attachment method new fields needs to be filled to fulfill the configuration of this method:

Username that has been set in Alfresco repository.
Password that matches the user provided in previous step.
Hostname/IP Address
Hostname or IP Address where the Alfresco repository is located.
Port through Alfresco repository will establish the communication.
Files are created in the route 'Openbravo/WindowName/File', WindowName will be created in the language defined in this field.


The Attachment Metadata is described in the Default Attachment Method setup guide. In that guide is described what it is the Attachment Metadata and how to create and configure it globally or by Tab.

The Alfresco Integration module does not include any Metadata Configuration. This configuration must be done for each Openbravo Instance based on user needs in a separate custom Extension Module.

The Alfresco Integration module adds some fields to the metadata configuration:

Secondary type
In case the metadata value is stored using an aspect. In this drop down it is possible to select the secondary type where this aspect is defined. Default type P:cm:titled is included in the module.
Secondary type 2 and DB Column Name 2
These fields are available when creating metadata using List or OBUISEL_Selector references. When these references are used it is possible to store as the metadata value the id/value selected or it's identifier. The fields with the 2 suffix will store the identifier or name. The default fields stores the value or id.

Document Types

Attachments in Alfresco are stored using the default document type. In case it is desired to use a Custom Document type it is possible to configure it globally for all attachments in the Attachment Config window or by each tab on the Tab tab of Window, Tab and Fields window.

The available document types must be included in the Alfresco Document Types list reference by an Extension Module. The value of the item must be the type id of the document type. The drop down to select the document type shows the value and the name to ease the configuration.

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