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Modules:Copy Retail Store and Terminal

Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Copy Retail Store and Terminal is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail distribution starting from RR14Q2.



It provides an easy way to:

Copy Store


The process is named Copy Retail Store. It can be opened from the Quick Launch OB3 QuickLaunch.png icon.

Defaults Configuration


Some of the default values required during the Copy Store process are defined in the Copy Store Parameterization window.

Further explanation on what they are used for can be found in Terminal Type and Terminal Type - Payment Method sections.

Process Execution

After filling the parameters and clicking on the Done button the process is executed.

Here is a description of the different steps it does.

Default behavior

This process copies several entities from existent ones. The default behavior during the copy is:

This default behavior is overwritten by the process for some specific properties. Note it is also possible to extend this process through external modules to define different behavior for any property.

Copy Store (Organization)

The Store selected in Store To Copy parameter is copied to a new one.

The properties with different behavior than the standard one are:

Price List

In case Price List parameter is set, it will be used for the new Store. If not, a new one will be created with these values:

Bulbgraph.png   Note when a new Price List is created, it only contains header but not any version nor products.

The rest of parameters are copied from the Price List linked from the Store to Copy.


The assortment used in the new store can be defined by the Assortment parameter. If it is not defined, a new one will be created.

Bulbgraph.png   Note the new Assortment will not contain any product by default

Its properties will be:

Anonymous Customer

In case the Anonymous Customer parameter is not blank, it will be used. Other case, a new one will be created based on original store's anonymous customer with the following properties:


A new warehouse with a single bin is created and assigned to the new store.

Financial Accounts

All Financial Accounts defined in original store are copied to the new one

The properties with exceptional behavior are:

Payment Methods

All Payment Methods in the original Financial Accounts are copied to the new ones.

Cash Management Events

All Cash Management Event in the original store are copied to the new one.

With the following values:

POS Terminal

All the terminals present in the original store are copied to the new one.

POS Terminal - Payment Type

All payment types in the original POS Terminals are copied to the new ones

Terminal Type

Default values used to perform this part of the process are defined in Copy Store Parameterization window.

When copying terminal, the terminal type is reused in case the original one is also in the new store's organization tree; if it is not a new one is created as a copy of the original one.

Terminal Type - Payment Method


Access to new store is granted to all Automatic Roles.

Additionally roles with only access to original Store are copied but they are not assigned to any user.

Copy Terminal


Copy Terminal process is executed from POS Terminal window.

To execute it, select the terminal to copy, and click on the Copy Terminal button.

The process creates a new terminal based on the selected terminal it works in the same way POS Terminal copy in Copy Store process.

Copy Payment Method

From 23Q4 release, it is possible to copy payment methods. There are two processes that can be executed from the Channel - Touchpoint window:


Extending/Modifying the Process

Developers can extend and/or modify logic executed by these 2 processes.

Further information about how to do it can be found in Developers Guide for Copy Retail Store and Terminal document.

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