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Modules:Direct Report Printing/User Guide



This is a comercial module developed by Practics Business Solutions, Openbravo's partner, that allows creating a button which his main function is printing reports and labels. However other printing options are possible.

This module allows printing any kind of report on every Openbravo window (must be set up previously).

The main function of this button is ask the user the info needed to generate the report (the template, the output type, the printer, and number of copyes).

Main points


As Admin Role we have access to the Window "Label Pattern" This window we can set our reports, this are the fields and it's description:

After set the header we have a tab named "Show in Tab", this tab is used to specify where the selected report is going to be printed

Añadir un poco de explicacion y redirigir a la pagina del Technical Guide (TODO)

Types of Report formats

A wide range of reports are supported by this module, bla bla...



RAW Printing


How it works

- User should enter in the product/purchase order/sales order/(...) sheet and select the element that the usser wants to print their label.

Imagen 5.jpg

- In the top bar appear some buttons, there is one with a label form, user should click on it.

Imagen 2.jpg


- A wide list will appear, some fields hace multiple choizes:

Imagen 3.jpg

a) Pattern – This is the template of the label, depending of the type of product, template will be different. It is not the same label for a certified bottle of wine that needs the year of the creation tan a pieze of clothes. User should choose the most suitable choize for the product.

b) Type- User has the possibility of sending the information of the label to other program like Excel or PDF, in adition of sending to the printer. This option is suitable to people who generate labels and want to send to workmates in other location.

c) Printers – User can choose the printer which is going to print labels. This is useful in a company that have to print a huge amount of labels and wants to decrease times. Some formats are acceptable for the printer, ZPL is not the unique format that the printer can use it.

d) Quantity - In this option the user have to specify how many labels he or she required for a same product.

Products sheet is the most common module where the supplier can print labels, although it is possible to configure labels in order to print from other sheets like purchase orders, orders, ...

Downloading a Report

Printing a Report

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