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Modules:External Data Load for Advanced Warehouse Operations



The External Data Load for Advanced Warehouse Operations is a Module that allows to quickly import the needed definition Warehouses and Products to be able to work with the Advanced Warehouse Operations flow.

This Module will use a csv file created from a Template that will help to create the needed definition for large volumes of records and will import information about:

The information must be placed in csv files and copied into the file system. The specific location of this files will be explained in the Configuration section of this Document.

The template used for generating the CSV files can be found here. The first page of the template contains information about the column values for each entity.


This section of the Documentation will explain how to properly configure External Data Load for Advanced Warehouse Operations Module.

To do so, first Advanced Warehouse Operations Module must be installed and configured.

If there is configuration related to Distribution Orders, the Modules Distribution Orders and Distribution Orders for AWO must be also installed and configured.

Finally, four steps are needed to complete the configuration:

All this configuration must be done at Client Level.

Apply the Data Set

The first step in the configuration is to apply the Advanced Warehouse Operations External Data Load Dataset.

In order to do so, navigate to Enterprise Module Management Window, select the Advanced Warehouse Operations External Data Load Dataset and click on Ok.

A successful message should appear.

Eld4awo dataset.jpg

EDL infrastructure configuration

A record for EDL configuration, with default values, is added when dataset is applied. To modify the configuration for EDL infrastructure navigate to EDL Configuration Window and modify the values.

Edl configuration.jpg

More information about EDL Configuration window can be found here.

Module configuration

To define the module configuration navigate to EDL for Advanced Warehouse Operations Window.

When dataset is applied, a new record is added to this window, with default values, you can modify them at will.

Edl4awo configuration.png

Background process

The data contained in the csv files is imported by a Background Process.

This Background Process is configured in the Process Request Window. When dataset is applied, a new Process Request for process External Data Load for AWO is added with:

You can adjust the settings to match your needs, and finally, click on the Schedule Process button

Edl4awo process request.jpg

Import work flow

To successfully import the configuration for Warehouses and Products to start using Advanced Warehouse Operations, follow this four steps

  1. Using the template, generate a csv file containing the configuration data. A file must be created for each Entity that it is defined (Each Tab in the Template represents and entity) The name that the files must have for each Entity are shown bellow in a table. The naming conventions for each file, as well as the column names in the template should be respected. The files should be exported selecting the field delimiter and quote character best suiting the data nature. The field delimiter and quote character selected should be set in EDL for AWO Configuration window before importing the file.
  2. Place the generated csv file in the file system path defined in EDL for AWO Configuration window.
  3. Adjust the field delimiter and quote character, if necessary.
  4. Schedule the process request for External Data Load for AWO background process.
  5. Check the EDL Request window for details about the import process. More information about this window can be found here.
Name convention for file names by entities
Entity File name
Warehouse Warehouse.csv
Internal Routing Area InternalRoutingArea.csv
Storage Bin Group StorageBinGroup.csv
Storage Bin StorageBin.csv
Storage Bin Capacity StorageBinCapacity.csv
Internal Routing Routing.csv
Internal Routing Assignment RoutingAssignment.csv
Warehouse Algorithm Assignment WarehouseAlgorithmAssignment.csv
Storage Bin Group List StorageBinGroupList.csv
Storage Bin Group List Line StorageBinGroupListLine.csv
Product AUMForProduct.csv
Product AUM ProductConfigurationForAWO.csv

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