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Modules:Google Calendar Integration/Configuration

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Google Calendar Integration is an infrastructural module that provides connection from Openbravo to Google calendars. It is intended to be used by other modules implementing specific integrations, such as creating Google calendar events based on resource reservations in Openbravo.

Security Model

Openbravo can only work with those Google calendars for which access has been explicitly granted. Access is granted in two steps:

Note that once this two steps are performed, the calendars available from Openbravo can (depending on the specific integration) be used by any Openbravo user, not only the one the Google account belongs to.


Before being able to use Google Calendar Integration, it is required to properly set up common Google Apps Integration.

See documentation about how it is configured for more details.

Making Calendars Available

Google calendars are made available to be used from Openbravo from Google Calendar window.

New calendars are included by clicking on the Register Google Apps in Openbravo toolbar button.

Google Calendar Toolbar.png

First time each Openbravo user logged in the application clicks on this button, Google will ask to grant Openbravo access to manage calendars from his Google account, when this is accepted that account is linked to current Openbravo user.

Google Account grant.png

Once accepted, a popup listing all writable calendars in the associated Google account will be displayed. From this list it is possible to select all the calendars that will be accessible from Openbravo after clicking in the Done button.

Google Calendar List.png
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