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Modules:Google Calendar Integration for Resources and Reservations



Bulbgraph.png   Note synchronization from Reservations to Google Calendar events is single directional from Openbravo to Google Calendar. This means modifications in reservations will create/update Google Calendar events, but modifications in events will not be reflected in Openbravo Reservations

Google Calendar integration for Resources and Reservations is an Openbravo commercial module that integrates Resources and Reservations with Google Calendar.

When a resource is assigned to a Google Calendar, an event in that calendar will be created whenever that resource is reserved.



Calendars available to be assigned to resources are configured from the Google Calendar window.


Once there are calendars available to be used by Openbravo, a Resource can be assigned to a Google Calendar.

When a resource is linked to a Google Calendar, whenever it is reserved, a new event in that calendar will be created.

Reservation Google Calendar.png

Error Handling

Errors that might occur during synchronization with Google Calendar can be handled using Google Apps Integration common infrastructure.

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