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Bulbgraph.png   This module is deprecated in favor of using an External Authentication Provider

Google Sign In is an Openbravo commercial module that provides Google Sign In integration (based in OAuth2 authentication) to Openbravo.

It uses common Google Apps infrastructure provided by Google Apps Integration module.

When this module is installed and configured, Log In page Google Sign In button will start working.


There are two ways to use the Google Accounts authentication service:

Bulbgraph.png   You need to be aware of the security implications of enabling the second option. This feature is offered for public instances where the data is public, or for an instance behind a corporate firewall that is not public accessible. DO NOT ENABLE DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR NEW USERS IF YOUR INSTANCE IS PUBLIC ACCESSIBLE

Creating and configuring the Google Project

GSI 1.png

GSI 2.png

GSI 3.png
GSI 4.png
GSI 5.png
GSI 6.png
GSI 7.png
GSI 8.png

Configure Google API Project in Openbravo

Bulbgraph.png   This kind of configuration is deprecated since 23Q4. Starting from that version the Authentication Provider Configuration must be used instead.

GSI Step8.png

Google Account association


GSI Step9.png

GSI Step10.png

GSI Step11.png


Remove Association

Google Integration Preferences

New User Defaults


You can define some default role for your Client. This default role is the one that will be used to create a new user if the Google Account doesn't have any other user associated.


After configuring this default preferences, any user with a Google Account can log-in into the application. If no Openbravo user is associated a new one is created with the default previously defined.

Known Issues

When Signing In with OAuth2, Google provides a different ID than the one it provided when signing in with OpenID2. This means, Openbravo and Google account needs to be reassociated even they were previously linked. So first time each user wants to use new sign in, confirmation will be prompted again.

This affects also to auto-genrated users, this is, previously auto-generated users can't sign in again using new authentication. If user auto-generation is enabled, new users will be created on firsts sign in.

Disabling Google integration

Professional Instances

You just need to create a new Preference with the property:


Community Instances

The 'Google Sign In' button cannot be hidden.

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