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Modules:IDL Bank Accounts


Bank accounts are financial accounts with a banking institution, recording the financial transactions between the customer and the bank and the resulting financial position of the customer with the bank.

Input file definition

Field name Type Nullable Description Accepted values
Organization String(40) No Indicates the organization to be used when processing documents. [Organization search key]
TransactionalOrg String(40) No Indicates the organization to be used when processing transactional documents. [Organization search key]
Name String(60) No Bank name
Location1stLine String(60) Yes Identifies the address for an entity's location
Location2ndLine String(60) Yes Provides additional address information for an entity. It can be used for building location, apartment number or similar information.
LocationPostalCode String(10) Yes Identifies the postal code for this entity's address.
LocationCity String(60) Yes City in a country.
LocationRegion String(60) Yes Identifies a unique Region for this Country. [Country name]
LocationCountry String(60) Yes Defines a Country. Each Country must be defined before it can be used in any document. [Region name]
BankCode String(4) Yes First four numbers of the bank account number which identifies the bank uniquely.
BranchCode String(4) Yes Second group of four numbers of the bank account which identifies the branch uniquely.
BankControlDigit String(1) Yes Ninth number of the bank account.
INENo String(9) Yes Number provided by the bank to configurate remittances.
SwiftCode String(20) Yes The SWIFT code is an identifier of a Bank.
AccountType String(60) No The Bank Account Type field indicates the type of account this account is defined as. [C_Bank Account type reference list]
Currency String(3) No Indicates the currency to be used when processing this document. [Currency ISO code]
IsDefault Boolean Yes Indicates if this bank account will be the default. {TRUE, FALSE}
AccountControlDigit String(1) Yes Tenth number of the bank account.
PartialAccountNo String(10) Yes Last ten numbers of the bank account. {TRUE, FALSE}
GenericAccount String(50) Yes Number of the bank account, in a generic format. Usefull if the bank does not use nor IBAN nor our country bank account number's structure.
IBAN String(34) Yes Identifies uniquely one bank account, no matter the country it belongs to. It consists of a ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code, followed by two check digits, and up to thirty alphanumeric characters for the domestic bank account number, called the BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number). [IBAN]
ShowSpanish Boolean No {TRUE, FALSE}
ShowGeneric Boolean No {TRUE, FALSE}
ShowIBAN Boolean No {TRUE, FALSE}
InitialBalance Numeric No Quantity to initialize the bank account. Number. Decimal separator = .
BankStatementName String(60) No Indicates the name of the Bank Statement record.
GLItem String(60) No* General Ledger item [GL Item name]
BusinessPartner String(60) Yes A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these. [Business Partner search key ]

* This fields can be NULL if they have a default value associated.

Default Value definition

Field name Type Accepted values Examples
Organization String(40) [search_key] column from [AD_Org] table
TransactionalOrg String(40) [search_key] column from [AD_Org] table
Currency String(3) [iso_code] column from [c_currency] table EUR, USD, GBP, ...
Country String(60) [name] column from [c_country] table Spain, United States, United Kingdom, France, ...
AccountType String(10) [C_Bank Account type reference list] English: {Checking, Savings}
IsDefault Boolean TRUE / True / true / FALSE / False / false
GLItem String(60) [name] column from [c_glitem] table Salaries, Social Security, ...
BPCategory String(60) [name] column from [c_bp_taxcategory] table General, VIP, ...

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