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Modules:IDL Open Payables



An open payable is an obligation to pay some amount to a supplier.

Previous steps

  1. Set up the financial calendar.
  2. Open an accounting period.

Input file definition

Field name Type Nullable Description Accepted values Comment
TransactionalOrg String(40) No* Indicates the organization to be used when processing transactional documents. [Organization search key]
Description String(255) Yes More information about the payment The description for the payment.
Currency String(32) No* Currency used for Price List of the Business Partner [Currency ISO code] The validation will fail if the currency does not exist.
FormOfPayment String(60) No* Indicates the method of payment used for this transaction [All_Payment Rule reference list] The validation will fail if the Form of Payment does not exist.
BusinessPartner String(60) No* A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these. [Business Partner search key] The validation will fail if the Business Partner does not exist.
DueDate Date No Refers to a date by which the payment must be completed. yyy-MM-dd format.
BankAccount String(60) Yes Identifies an account at this Bank. [Displayed Bank Account]
CashBook String(60) Yes The Cash Book identifies a unique cash book. The cash book is used to record cash transactions. [Cash Book name]
GLItem String(60) No* General ledger item [GL Item name] The validation will fail if the General Ledger Item does not exist.
Amount Big Decimal No The amount of the payment Decimal separator = .

* This fields can be NULL if they have a default value associated.

Default Value definition

Field name Type Accepted values Examples
TransactionalOrg String(40) [search_key] column from [AD_Org] table
Currency String(3) [iso_code] column from [c_currency] table EUR, USD, GBP, ...
FormOfPayment String(60) [All_Payment Rule reference list] English: {Wire Transfer, Check, Promissory Note, Money Order, Bank Deposit, Cash, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, On Credit, Bank Remittance, Withholding}
BankAccount String(60) [displayed_account] column from [c_bankaccount] table BBVA. 1234-1234-33-1234567890, Uncle Scroogre Bank. 0000-0000-00-0000000000, ...

BusinessPartner String(60) [value] column from [c_bpartner] table Mcgiver, John Money Maker, ...
CashBook String(60) [name] column from [c_cashbook] table General cash, Standard, ...
GLItem String(60) [name] column from [c_glitem] table Salaries, Social Security, ...


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