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Modules:IDL Open Receivable



An open receivable is a credit pending to collect from a customer (then it will be marked as receipt).

Previous steps

  1. Set up the financial calendar.
  2. Open an accounting period.

Input file definition

Field name Type Nullable Description Accepted values Comment
TransactionalOrg String(40) No* Indicates the organization to be used when processing transactional documents. [Organization search key]
Description String(255) Yes More information about the payment The description for the payment.
Currency String(32) No* Currency used for Price List of the Business Partner [Currency ISO code] The validation will fail if the currency does not exist.
FormOfPayment String(60) No* Indicates the method of payment used for this transaction [All_Payment Rule reference list] The validation will fail if the Form of Payment does not exist.
BusinessPartner String(60) No* A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include a customer, vendor, employee or any combination of these. [Business Partner search key] The validation will fail if the Business Partner does not exist.
DueDate Date No Refers to a date by which the payment must be completed. yyy-MM-dd format.
BankAccount String(60) Yes Identifies an account at this Bank. [Displayed Bank Account]
CashBook String(60) Yes The Cash Book identifies a unique cash book. The cash book is used to record cash transactions. [Cash Book name]
GLItem String(60) No* General ledger item [GL Item name] The validation will fail if the General Ledger Item does not exist.
Amount Big Decimal No The amount of the payment Decimal separator = .

* This fields can be NULL if they have a default value associated.

Default Value definition

Field name Type Accepted values Examples
TransactionalOrg String(40) [search_key] column from [AD_Org] table
Currency String(3) [iso_code] column from [c_currency] table EUR, USD, GBP, ...
FormOfPayment String(60) [All_Payment Rule reference list] English: {Wire Transfer, Check, Promissory Note, Money Order, Bank Deposit, Cash, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, On Credit, Bank Remittance, Withholding}
BankAccount String(60) [displayed_account] column from [c_bankaccount] table BBVA. 1234-1234-33-1234567890, Uncle Scroogre Bank. 0000-0000-00-0000000000, ...

BusinessPartner String(60) [value] column from [c_bpartner] table Mcgiver, John Money Maker, ...
CashBook String(60) [name] column from [c_cashbook] table General cash, Standard, ...
GLItem String(60) [name] column from [c_glitem] table Salaries, Social Security, ...


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