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Modules:Invoice Tax Report


Invoice Tax Report - User documentation



This module provides two reports:

Displaying the differences per document and comparing theoretic tax value (coming from Expense/Revenue accounts once applied tax rate) and real tax booked in the ledger.

The aim is to show possible discrepancies coming from invoice documents .

It also allows to retrieve the information in different formats as html, .pdf or .xls.


The source of the information for this report is accounting. This way we can obtain the info in one single currency and as of date.


Two menu entries are created. One for Sales Invoices, called Sales Invoice Tax Report, and another one for Purchase Invoices, Purchase Invoice Tax Report.

These two reports can be found in the following application path: Financial Management // Receivables & Payables // Analysis Tools


As this report is based on accounting information, it will display information affecting tax accounts in the ledger, even if those do not come from an invoice. Following filters are used to include/exclude information coming from other documents than invoice (Payments, Financial Account Transactions, Reconciliations and GL Journals). These documents may generate postings using tax accounts into the ledger and with these flags that info can be excluded.


HTML/PDF output

Sales Invoice Tax Report

It should Display a report grouped by invoice showing (Similar for Purchase Invoice Tax Report):


PDF and Excel output

The above output can be displayed in PDF or spreadsheet formats.

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