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Modules:Java Extension Points/How to add class to exsiting Extension Point



The objective of this How to article is to describe how to add a new class to an exsisting Java Extension Point and integrate it in your module.

Creating the Java Class

Application Dictionary

To let the extension point know which classes have to execute, a record must be created in the Java Extension Point Class tab. This record will be exported in the src-db folder of your module.


The Java Class

All the extension points classes must extend the JavaExtensionPointBase and override the execute method.

We can obtain the parameters value calling the get methods from the params object.

Bulbgraph.png   Available methods can be found here

public class PickingProcessExtension extends JavaExtensionPointBase {

 public JavaExtensionPointParams execute(JavaExtensionPointParams params) {
   // Get the param PickingList as a BaseOBObject
   final PickingList pl = (PickingList) params.getBaseOBObjectParameter("PickingList");
   // Your code here...

   // Return the params object to allow the next class to use them
   return params;

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