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This document describes all the developments done to implement this module.


Create Work Order

Process to create work orders based on a Maintenance Plan. This process can be executed from the menu or from a button in Maintenance Plan window.

The process will accept 2 parameters:

Per each maintenance plan selected the process creates a Work Order in the needed dates defined in the periodicity tab that is found in the dates between the Starting and Ending Date. If a previous Work Order is found for some of those dates that the process estimates, it will skip it as probably this means that the process was executed before. If the maintenance plan is not programmable only 1 work order will be created for the Starting Date selected in the parameters popup.

The process is able to automatically read entities related to the maintenance plans and create work orders related to those entities. The idea behind is that anyone interested in the module can extend it to relate to external entities.

If the task of the maintenance plan is of type “Checklist”, each work order line will have on the Checklist tab under it one record per each checklist of the Task.

Document Action

Process to move through the Workflow of the task of the Work Order.

The initial status of the Work Order is automatically assigned to it based on the Initial Status on the Workflow configured for that Maintenance Task Type. This process is executed using a button on the Work Order window and has the following parameters:

Clicking on Done completes the action and move the Work Order to the next status.

Edit Checklist

Process to edit the existing checklist on a Work Order Line.

This process definition opens a similar grid than the one implemented in the previous process and it is able to confirm a new checklist, update existing ones or deselect previously completed ones. This button is only displayed in the Work Order Line when the Workflow transition is type “Is Checklist”.

Close Work Order

Process to close a Work Order. This button is only available if the Work Order is on a “Final” status and is not already closed.

Relate Work Order

Process to create a Work Order based on an existing Work Order.

This process creates a new Work Order of the same type and a new task is asked. The new Work Order is related to the original one. A field “Related Work Order” is shown on the new Work Order while in the old one a tab “Related Work Order” contains the new one.


Work Order

Event Handlers

Task Workflow An Event handler validates that only 1 status per each Task Workflow is defined as Initial Work Order An event handler validates that a Work Order cannot be deleted if it is not in an Initial status.



This module includes a dataset containing:

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