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This article explains how to configure and use the Maintenance Management Infrastructure functionality.

This module provides the creation and management of Work Orders. Each type of Work Orders has a Workflow with specific status and transitions between them.

There is also a process to generate batches of Work Orders against generic entities that can be configured using extension modules.

A menu entry was added:



Action Checklist

To complete a transition between Action Workflow Status a checklist can be needed, this is the window to define it.

Action checklistwiki.png

Action Workflow

An Action Workflow defines all the Status and Transitions between them that a Task Type can have.


Workflow Status

This is the list of status an Action can have.

There should only be one Initial status because that will be set automatically when creating a work order. Intermediate and Final have no limitations.


Workflow Status Transitions

This lists Transitions between the Statuses defined above. There can be more than one Transition from and to a Status.



A list of points to be completed before completing the transition



A real action task to be used later in a Work Order. This action will get its status and transitions from the selected Action Workflow


Work Order

After everything is configured the system is ready to create Work Orders and assign them to a responsible user.


Changing Work Order Status

On the Work Order window, there is a button called Document Action to change the Order status. When it is clicked a popup is shown with several fields and a grid if the transitions Is Check List


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