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Modules:Max Level of Cash/User Documentation



This functionality allows the user to configure the application to launch an alert when the balance of the payment’s financial account exceeds a determinate value.

This limit value is registered as a new field, in the tab Payment Method of the Channel - Touchpoint Type window.

This document explains how to configure the system in order to use this functionality.


To use this functionality a module named Max Level of Cash must be installed.

Backoffice - Configuration

Once the module is installed the next step is to configure the application.

This module adds two new fields

in the Channel - Touchpoint Type || Payment Method tab.

Figure 1

As shown in the figures below, it is important to realize that we must configure the payment method that belongs to the Channel - Touchpoint || Financial account.

Figure 2

Retail - Web POS Alerts

Once the above two fields are configured the Openbravo Web-POS uses these two fields to validate the ticket amount for each payment method configured.

For example: If the Limit amount for warning = 1500 and Limit amount for blocking = 2000

then the Web-POS will show an alert when the ticket amount reaches the limit.


The field Limit amount for warning will only warn the cashier that they have reached the limit set in the Openbravo back office.

Figure 3

Similarly, the field Limit amount for blocking will only block the cashier from performing any further operations because they have reached the blocking limit.

Figure 4

Retail - Cash Management Alerts

The warning and blocking limits also apply in Cash Management Events as well.

Retail - Safeboxes Alerts

The warning and blocking limits also apply to the Payment Methods configured as Safebox.

IMPORTANT The alerts for safeboxes do not work on OFFLINE mode.

Openbravo - Back office Alert

Configuring Alert Recipient. As client admin:

Figure 5

Then it is necessary to configure the background process to launch the correspondent alert. As client admin navigate to the Process Request window and create a new record:

Figure 6

The final result. Alert is launched:

Figure 7

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