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Modules:Mobile Goods Receipt and Customer Returns/User Guide

Warn-icon.png   Important Note: Mobile Goods Receipt and Customer Returns functionality is discontinued and unsupported. All supported Warehouse functionality is included now in Advanced Warehouse Operations modules.



Mobile Goods Receipt and Customer Returns it is a commercial module created by Practics Business Solutions like a contribution to the world of retail by making the merchandise reception easier and allowing us to have better data control. It belongs to Mobile Warehouse Operations which is a frontend composed by a group of modules that allows the user to control and manage the logistics in a warehouse. The main function of Mobile Goods Receipt and Customer Returns is to receive the merchandise from the computer or the PDA, either from direct purchases or by customer returns. One of the most valuable characteristics of the module is that it allows several people to work inside the same order receiving an order and having a direct update of the order placed.



To enter the module, a role authorization is needed. To do it go to the window "Role" select and activate within the option form access, "mobile goods".

Configuration mobilegoods .jpg

Document type

For the document types to be received with Mobile Goods Receipt and Customer Return' (For instance: Purchase Order...etc) it is necessary to configure the Receipt document type to be used. For exemple, in this case for the purchase document type "Commade Achat Interco" we will generate the receipt with the document type "Bon de reception Interco".

Mobile shipment.jpg

Default Storage bin

In the warehouse screen, in the bin tab, there is a check to define which bin will be the bin taken by default to receive products.



The url to access the frontend of the module is the following: <<your instance>>/openbravo/web/

The screen is divided into two parts.

Beginning select.jpg

Inside the menu, several options can be operated:


Receiving goods

The documents selector allows creating a new reception, filtering the document by:

Each type of document, in turn, can be selected by:

Initial number business.jpg

When a purchase order is selected, if, there are goods receipts in draft status related to de purchase order, a pop-up will appear to select which one to continue working on, or we can create a new one. This scenario will usually occur when more than one user is receiving the same purchase order. As we can see in the image below, the user who created the goods receipt is shown so the user will be able to identify his goods receipt easily.


Once the goods receipt is selected, all the products already scanned will be on the left side of the screen. In case that no goods receipt in draft exists for a purchase order, when the purchase order is selected from the list, no pop-up will appear. Once the purchase order which we want to receive is selected we can start to receive products. The screen will show 3 white buttons that allow to:

Rec ship.jpg

The following, step would be to scan the products, and they will be added on the left side of the screen.

There are 5 different columns:


The documents showed are those purchase orders that are completed and not 100% received.

Purchase goods.jpg

The verified or scanned quantities can be also entered manually by selecting the line. The pop-up modify / delete line will appear. In the quantity section, we can enter it manually and in the observation section, the user can insert a comment if needed.


The scanned products will appear in the left section of the screen with different line colors, each one of them represents:


Once we are done receiving, and all the products are scanned we process the goods receipt by click the green check.

Photo 6.jpg

Finally, a success message appears with the goods receipt document number processed.

Photo 9.jpg


In addition, some useful preferences have been configured to organize the purchase and customer returns. These preferences can be defined since the back office.

Enable Modify Referenced Inventory Type

This option allows us to modify the type of referenced inventory during the reception.

Preference 1.jpg

Filter Orders By Current Organization

When this preference is in 'N', the user will see all the orders from every organization. When set in 'Y', the user will see the orders from his organization.

Webpos preference 2.jpg

Show Shipment created by

Allows seeing who has created the goods receipt. It is really useful when more than one person is working within an order because allows dividing the work.

Preference 3.jpg


Filter Locators By Order Warehouse

The preference "Filter Locators By Order Warehouse" when activated, the storage bin list will be filtered by all the storage bins of the warehouse in the purchase order.


Show Alert Shipment User In Draft

The preference "Show Alert Shipment User In Draft" indicates that a goods receipt has been already created. It is useful when more than one person is working in receiving a purchase order. PREFERENCE 5.jpg PREFERENE 5 WEBPOS.jpg

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