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Modules:Mobile Inventory/User Guide

Warn-icon.png   Important Note: Mobile Inventory functionality is discontinued and unsupported. All supported Warehouse functionality is included now in Advanced Warehouse Operations modules.



This is a commercial module developed by Practics Business Solutions, Openbravo's partner, that allows counting all the items in the inventory and to update the new amount in the inventory.

Main points

It is essential that all the products must be notified in the Products screen to make any process of the inventory. The processes that are supported by this option are the main ones:


Auto create count list from Front End

A new preference can be set in order to create automatically a count list when a bin is selected or scanned in the front end.

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How it Works

Bulbgraph.png   Remember that to access the front end, the URL <your-openbravo-domain>/openbravo/web/ must be opened

Creating a Count List in Backoffice

This module has also the choice to support counting items from a previous count list created before in Back Office.

Let's see how is the process:

First at all, create a Physical Inventory

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Then we can create a count list using one of the standard ways:

1. Using the Create Inventory count list button

2. Adding new lines with the products to count

Foto 2.jpg

Bulbgraph.png   Only the count list with lines are available to be loaded by the front end

Loading a Count List

With this option, the user has the ability to load a previously created count list in back office.

To do so, the second button should be clicked, the one selected in the below picture.

Picture four.jpg

To select the previous product, select the magnifying glass, and select the list.

Photo complementaria para selccionar productos de un inventario ya creado.jpg

A popup will appear to let the user filter and selecting an inventory to load. After selecting the inventory all the lines to be counted will be shown on the list.

Mobile Inventory 10.png

Creating new Physical Inventory

Also known as "on the fly" inventory.

Using the new (*) button, the user can create a new document, allowing to set a name, choosing the warehouse and the storage bin.

After that, the products can be scanned to be included in the inventory.

Foto 3.jpg

By default, the system will automatically the name with today's date. Users can modify the name of the inventory, select a warehouse and a storage bin, select an attribute and select a reason for the new inventory created.

User actions

The user can change the document properties using the blue section in the left panel.

Pictubre three.jpg

Inventory Name

By default, the name of the inventory is set to the current date, but it can be modified clicking into the button and setting the new value.

Nombre del inventario.jpg

Setting current Warehouse and Storage Bin

When a new document is created, the warehouse will be set with the same value as the one that has the user session. To change either the warehouse or the storage bin, the user must click the button. After that, a popup will appear, letting the user choose the new value.

Foto complemento warehouses.jpg


The module supports scanning bin barcodes and products. When a product is read, a new line is created or the quantity counted is increased if a line exits with the same product/bin.

Modify counted quantity

A product can be selected in order to modify the counted quantity manually.

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