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Modules:Mobile Movements/User Guide



This module was developed by Practics Business Solutions as a contribution to the retail world. This development is part of the module of Mobile Warehouse Operations ". The movile movements helps to move merchandise from one warehouse storage bins of one store to another one of the same organization. These movements are made in real-time, with accurate data, useful for business intelligence analysis.

Module movile movements

The screen of the module is divided into two sections:

Movement 1 menu.jpg

Menu section

Within this section the options are:


Moving merchandise

First, a new movement has to be created selecting create merchandise movement. A pop-up that contains all the stores that belong to the same organization will appear and you will have to select the one that contains the merchandise needed to be move.

Movement 3.jpg

To select the merchandise, you can:

The titles that allow identifying the selected merchandise are these ones:

Movement 4.jpg


To modify or delete a line with the selected merchandise to be moved, you have to select it and the pop-up will appear, in this case, you can modify it manually or delete the whole line.


Finally, to effectively move the merchandise from one storage bin to another we must select the checkbox and chose close movement.


Movements lists

This option allows the movement of merchandise that was already generated in the back office in the Goods Movement, but it wasn´t processed. One this option is selected all the unprocessed merchandise list appears and the user can choose the needed one.


To proceed with the movement of merchandise do not forget to click on the checkbox button and select close movement.


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