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Modules:Mobile Physical Inventory


Technical Considerations


This module implements Mobile Physical Inventory and the possibility of assigning them to a user. With this module you can:

Preferences configuration

These are the preferences you can configure in this module:

PhysInv Preferences.jpg

Procesing configuration

This module inserts some additional checks while processing the inventory. Those additional checks are not in the ordinary processing button Process Inventory Count of the Physical Inventory window. This module creates a new button for this called Process Inventory, after installing this module the System Administrator needs to hide the previous processing button Process Inventory Count in the user template and show the new button Process Inventory.

PhysInv ButtonToHide.jpg

Creating and assigning the Physical Inventory in the backend

Create a Physical Inventory

This part goes as usual in the backend.

PhysInv CreateInventory.jpg

Assign it to a user

There is a combo box where the user make the inventory can be assigned. After assigning the user, the status changes to assigned.

PhysInv Assigned.jpg

Counting and processing the Physical Inventory in the frontend

Accessing Mobile Warehouse menu

You can access Mobile Physical Inventory through Mobile Warehouse Menu.

PhysInv Menu.jpg

Once accessed this the user can open any assigned non processed Physical Inventory.

PhysInv InventoryList.jpg

Mobile Physical Inventory Interface

Once you open a Physical Inventory, this is Mobile Physical Inventory's Interface.


The elements this page has are:


Title and Warehouse row:

Pagination row:

Bin row:

Line row:


Working Flows


The user can manually select any line and start counting products by:


The user can count products using a barcode scanner. The barcode scanner adds on to the counted quantity of the scanned product. The scanning searches the product automatically and selects it's line and adds 1 to the counted quantity. If the product line is in another page, the application takes the user to that page and realizes the same actions as if it was in the same page.

Bulbgraph.png   Leaving a page without having checked a line will make not checked lines loose their counted quantities.

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