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Modules:Mobile Picking Packing/User Guide



Main points:

How it Works

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Load the Picking

First, we have to load the Picking List that we want to process, this could be done either scanning a barcode containing the document number or through the "Select Picking List" button. This button will open a popup. This popup window contains a field to filter and search pickings, as well as a button to clear the results and another to search. If a filter is given, the list will show all the pending pickings that contains the filter in his document number or description. If we search directly without any filter, it will show all the pending pickings. Then, we could select the picking that we want to process.


Once the picking is selected, all the lines will be shown in the list below, ready to be scanned. When the picking is loaded for the first time, a packing with one box is generated. In this point we can start scanning the items.

Scanning products

Now, we are ready to scan all the items. When an item is scanned the count quantity increases one unit, both in the Picking and in the selected box. If we have to scan, for example, 100 units of the same product and we don't want to scan them all, we could easily modify the quantity set in the box by just tapping in it. In this popup we also have the option of deleting the line.

We can also modify or delete the last box content line by tapping the orange zone.

Bulbgraph.png   Note that this module supports the MultiUPC module if it's installed in the environment


When a picking list line is fully scanned the color changes to green in order to show the user in a quick way that this line is completed. The same happens in the box content lines when a product is fully packaged.


But, what happens if an item has an attribute? After scanning the item a popup will appear asking the user which attribute is scanning. The attribute selected is stored until a different product is scanned or when the product is fully read. This popup will only appear if the picking list has a product with 2 or more attributes.


Filtering lines

We can also filter the picking list lines. This can be done tapping in the menu option called Filter. A few filtes are shown in the popup opened by this option. The filters are:


Manage boxes

If we want to package the products in more than one box a new box must be added. This could be done by tapping the button "Add Box" located in the header. These can be always deleted or modified by clicking on the name of the box. You can also navigate through them by using the arrows located on each side of the box.


Closing the Picking & Packing

Finally, when the picking is finished, we should close the Picking & Packing. This is done by the Close button. In case you have lines not fully completed, for example, if the picking proposed to pick 20 units of an item, but physically you only have 15, the close process will modify this line and the reservation linked. It also appears a confirmation popup, just in case the user tapped the button by mistake.


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