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Modules:Mobile Product Stock



The main of this module is to see the production stock in warehouses and storage bins.

How it Works

URL: url/openbravo/web/

The functionalities that we have are Scan, Browse, Search and Locator.


We can scan the storage bin barcode or a product barcode or directly insert the code.

MPS barcode.jpg

The system will show us the stock by the locator. It means the warehouse, the storage bin, the product identifier, attribute and quantity contained in each one.

MS scan1.jpg


We can search for product browsing by category. Then we can select a product.

MS browse.jpg

First, the system will show us the product name and their characteristics defined like the style, article type, category, etc, and below we will have the corresponding stock by warehouse and storage bin.

MS browse2.jpg


We can search a product typing directly the product barcode or browsing by their characteristics, like Brand, Article Type, Material. We can select more than one data per characteristic:

MS search1.jpg

The system will show us all the products contained in this selection.

MS search2.jpg

Finally, we select the product. The system will show us the same as in the browse option, it means, the product name with their characteristics and the corresponding stocks per warehouse and storage bins where are included. MS search3.jpg


We can search a locator typing directly the locator barcode or browsing by warehouse. We can select more than one warehouse:

MS locator1.jpg

The system will show us the corresponding storage bins. We can select by storage bins. The system will show us the stock by locator.

MS locator2.jpg

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