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Modules:New Entities for Gift Cards



New Entities for Gift Cards is a commercial module that aims to extend the Gift Cards and Vouchers module adding two new fields or entities to Giftcards and Vouchers. The fields added by this module are the following:

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Added Fields

In this section we will see a deeper explanation of the fields added to the giftcard and voucher instances.

Gift card owner

The Gift card owner field shows who the giftcard or voucher was purchased for. Internally it's a reference to existing business partners, so when creating a giftcard instance (adding a giftcard to a Web POS ticket) the Gift card owner field is a selector with existing business partners. This field can be edited until the giftcard is paid, and can be left blank.

Expiration Date

The Expiration Date field represents a date from which the giftcard or voucher will no longer be usable. The expiration date is set up at product level, when defining the gift card product. It is defined as expiration days (field Expires After (days)), so the expiration date is calculated at the time of purchasing the giftcard. The following pictures show the Expires After (days) field for both giftcards and vouchers:

Gift Cards: Expires  After (days)

Vouchers: Expires After (days)

Since the giftcard that is sold should be consistent with the definition of the product, the Expiration Date field is not editable when adding a giftcard to a Web POS ticket.

The following picture shows the aforementioned fields in the Gift card instance window:

Gift Card Instance Window

Use in Web POS

On top of the functionality explained in the Gift Cards and Vouchers wiki page, when adding a gift card or a voucher to a ticket it is possible to add a Gift card owner to the line properties. As explained before, the Expiration Date will be set if the giftcard product has been configured with expiration days; otherwise, it will be empty.

Adding a Gift Card

When searching for giftcards or vouchers, the giftcard details popup shows information regarding the Gift card owner and the expiration date if they exist.

Adding a Gift Card

In addition, if the giftcard has expired, the popup shows the corresponding text and prevents the giftcard from being returned or applied.

Adding a Gift Card

Finally, when trying to pay with an expired giftcard or voucher an informative popup is shown and the payment is not allowed.

Adding a Gift Card

Technical Considerations

This module depends on the following module:

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