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Modules:Order Preparation



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Order preparation module allows prepare sales order lines in order to be delivered using the external WMS desired. Openbravo provides the module order preparation for AWO, which uses Advanced Warehouse Operations flow. As a requirement for that module to work, Advanced Warehouse Operations module should be properly configured.

The document How to Create Order Preparation Implementation explains how to create an order preparation implementation module.

Order preparation module allows prepare sales order lines in order to be delivered using a WMS. Only lines with delivery mode different than "Pick and Carry" will be considered.

The module has two main flows:

Preparing the order lines

Order preparation window can be launched in several ways:

If the preference "Allow Order Preparation popup" and "Enable remote for order" are set, the last one at client level, the Order Preparation window can be launched right after paying the ticket.

Order Preparation after paying a ticket

When the preparation is done from an opened ticket, a line showing quantity in picking is added to the line, and updated when a new picking is generated.


Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 23Q3

Order preparation implementation to be used should be configured at the organization level.



Behavior in order preparation and picking flows is driven by preferences.

Preference Description Default value
Allow Order Preparation Popup Allows launch order preparation right after paying a ticket Y
Do not allow to select warehouse at Order Preparation Do not allow to select warehouse in Order Preparation window N
Enable stock check at Order Preparation Enable stock check when preparing a sales order line Y
Display buttons in picking window at Order Preparation Controls when buttons ("Assign", "Unassign", "Cancel", etc.) in Picking Status window should be shown Y
Enable Prepare Current Ticket at Order Preparation Controls when menu "Prepare Current Ticket" will launch Order Preparation window for the opened ticket Y
Action Pickings at Order Preparation Controls when Picking window can be opened through Pickings menu Y
Show Picking status from order line at Order Preparation Controls when Picking status window can be opened by clicking on quantity in picking information from order line Y

Selecting order lines to prepare

When dialog is opened it shown like following image.

Order Preparation window

The dialog shows a filter selector with the following fields available:

After applying a filter, the order lines pending to prepare matching the filter criteria are shown, grouped by orders. For each order/line retrieved the following information is listed

Order Preparation window filtered

Select All / Unselect All

Is possible select or unselect all lines using the button "Select All". When pressed all lines are set quantity to pending quantity and the button is changed to "Unselect All" to revert this change, setting all lines quantity to zero.

Information Icon

The Order Preparation Lines always have additional information to show through the information button (i) or (i+). The icon shown depend if the line only contains standard information like: SearchKey, Name, UPC/EAN or has more information like resource reservations.

When the user clicks on the info button, the following popup will be displayed (depend of information available):

Standard information

Standard information

Additional Information

Additional Information

Change quantity

To prepare a line, the following options are provided:

Setting quantities in Order Preparation window

Change warehouse

To change the warehouse where to get products for delivery, use the button on top right. It shows a dialog with a list of on-hand warehouses with available stock. Select an item from list to change the warehouse.

Selecting a warehouse

Advanced Filter

When a refined filter criteria is needed the "Advanced Filters" button can be used to open the following dialog to combine different filters.

Advanced filters in Order Preparation window

Prepare Selected

When a selection of order lines to prepare is done and pushed the button "Prepare Selected", a stock verification is executed to check if have enough stock for each line in selected warehouse.

For lines without enough stock is shown the following message:

Stock validation when preparing a line

You have the option to assign the stock available for each line or cancel the preparation process and return to order preparation dialog.

After preparing the selected order lines, the Picking List document number will be shown

Setting quantities in Order Preparation window

The Prepare Selected option will generate as many picking list as groups of lines by Business Partner and Warehouse. The tasks contained in those picking list will be in status "Available". Those tasks can be reviewed in Picking List window

Setting quantities in Order Preparation window


Layaways Picking

Is possible to start the picking preparation for layaways. To allow the layaways picking is necessary to configure the organization. Navigate to Organization window, then find and edit the organization. As you see in the following figure:

Layaway Picking configuration in Organization window

If a limit status is reached when processing a picking, a message will inform it when the next status is requested

Layaway Picking configuration in Organization window

Selecting a picking

Once the picking has been generated using the Order Preparation menu entry, it will be possible to open the picking in Web POS and process it.

In order to open a picking in Web POS, go to the menu and select the Pickings menu entry.

Picking menu in WebPOS

The visibility of this menu entry can be controlled with the preference Order Preparation action Pickings.

Using the Pickings menu entry will show the pickings selector. This selector allows the user to filter by:

Picking window basic filters

It will be possible to combine these filters and define a sorting option using the Advanced Filters popup.

Picking window advanced filters

Once applied the filters (basic or advanced) the window shows the picking list matching the selected criteria.

Picking window showing results

For each picking in the results list the following information is listed

Processing a Picking

Picking processing can be launched from two ways:

To process a picking from an opened ticket, use de "Open Receipt" menu to open the ticket, then click on the line showing "Quantity in picking". Visibility of buttons allowing change the picking status is controled by the preference "Display action buttons in WebPOS picking window" and the value of field "Is Sales Area" in Warehouse Definition window. "Is Sales Area" flag allows to distinguish warehouses in the store sales area; the picking status change will be only allowed for pickings from such a warehouses.

An opened ticket

From the picking window just click on the line showing the picking of interest.

Picking statuses

The first picking status is 'Unassigned'. It means the picking tasks are in status "Available" and they have no user assigned.

A picking in "Unassigned" status

In this status the picking can be canceled, doing that, all picking task will be deleted as well as the picking list. The next status in the flow will be "Assigned".

Assign a Picking

Pressing "Assign" button will set the user of all task to the POS user currently logged, leaving the picking in status "Assigned". This status allows to cancel the picking and unassign it; doing this last action the tasks user assignments will be removed. The next status in the flow will be "Picked".

A picking in "Assigned" status

Confirming a Picking

When button "Confirm All" is pressed, all the picking tasks in selected picking list will be confirmed. The picking status is "Picked". This status just allows to deliver the picking. The next status in the flow will be "Issued"

A picking in "Picked" status

Issuing a Picking

Pressing the "Issue" button, will generate issue tasks for what has not been issued yet from each picking in the selected picking list. According to Routing confirmation configuration for shippings in Advanced Warehouse Operations module, the issue task status could be "Available" or "Confirmed". In case the final status is "Confirmed", the shipping document is generated automatically.

A picking in "Issued" status

This is the final status of a picking.

External WMS show picking status

Bulbgraph.png   Starting from 23Q3

To show pickings status there's a possibility that the external warehouse management system is the one in charge of this task. For this, the preference "URL to show Picking Status Window with External Picking" should be configured with the URL of the external system.


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