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Modules:PStyle Fashion Solution



Commercial module developed by Practics Business Solutions, Openbravo Gold Partner.

The scope of the present module is the fabrication order management in the Fashion Business.



To see standard product management, go to product.

Fashion section

On the Information window, under the Fashion section, we've added the next fields:


The other sections involved in the production management included in pStyle module are Characteristics tab and Materials tab.

Product Group

We can create a product group.

Force Campaign? Type Campaign?

The tabs we can find are

Product Composition

Contains the fibre composition of a textile product based upon the percentage of each fiber.

Instrat section

It is the system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU). We can find the fields:

Has Suplementary Unit: It is a flag

Material tab

We can enter the Material and the Quantity of each material in percentage

PS composition.jpg

Product Wash Operation

It is a group of instructions used in care label, depending on the textile product.

Wash Option Lines tab

Here we can enter the list of care instructions.

PS washoptions.jpg

Sales Campaign

Used to define the season in which the product is sold. We can define principally the Name, the Starting Date, Ending Date, Marketing Channel.

PS salescampaign.jpg


Here we can define the details about the measurement table. Some important fields are:

Detail tab

We can define the point of measurements and have the description of how to measure.

PS measure.jpg

Size tab

Once we have inserted the details, we can click on Generate Sizes. This will insert the sizes per each detail. So we will be able to define the measures per size and point of measure.

PS measuresize.jpg


It is a product group used in fashion with an internal style coherence.

PS collection.jpg


Line of Business can be defined. Fields are Search Key, Name, Description

PS LOB.jpg

LOB have by default a Tree Structure.

PS LOB2.jpg

Production Management

With pStyle, you will be able to create automatically your material types and Process Plan for all your variants.

The steps for this area are:

PS selectproductionplan.jpg

PS selectvariantprocessplan.jpg

Process Plan

For more details about OpenBravo configuration, please visit Process Plan.

For pStyle we have added in the Operation tab the posibility to choose the Activity. The Material Types associated to this activity will be displayed in the Material Type tab.

PS operationprocessplan.jpg

I/O Products tab

This is an openBravo tab in which we create the products in and out for the proces plan. For the generic product, this tab will be empty. For the variants, it will be filled in automatically depending on the material type tab and the combinations assigned to the product.

PS ioproducts.jpg


This activity can be an operation or phase in production having a type material list.

Material Type tab It is the list of materials needed to produce the activity and the final material type included too.

We can define:

PS activity.jpg

Material type

These are the material types involved in the production process, considering the material used and produced.


To define the characteristics, please see Characteristics.

Please follow Product Characteristic to see new features on this screen.

PS characteristics.jpg

Product Characteristic

Please refer to Product Characteristic to see general configuration.

In pStyle, we have added the attribute Type Characteristic, which have the values Size and Color. If Size is selected, we will be able to edit the material usage per each value of the product characteristic inside Product configuration.

PS characteristic.jpg


The entire tab has been developed for pStyle. This is the entire list of raw materials and the final product.

We can define the materials manually or import them from Process Plan by default or from a Material Template.

PS importmaterials.jpg

Fields imported or defined manually are

PS material.jpg

When we click on create combinations/Qty, the Combinations and Material usage are filled automatically.


When we go to product header and click on Create combinations/QTY, the following windows appear.

PS createcombinations.jpg

If we accept, then we will get Combinations tab and the Material Usage tab filled in. In Combination tab, we can manage the material combinations used by the product colors.

The characteristic value will appear automatically if the material used has the same color characteristic than the product. If it is not the case, we have to choose it manually.

PS materialcombination.jpg

Material Usage

PS materialusage.jpg

Work Requirement

For pStyle, you can create now a work requirement from the product header or from a Sales Order.

Create a Work Requirement from a Sales Order

Book and click on Create WR.

PS salesorder.jpg

Create a Work Requirement from a product

Click on Create WR.

PS createworkrequirement2.jpg

The requirements are created. You can choose several work requirements and create a sourcing good shipment.

PS workrequirement.jpg

PS createoutsourcinggoodsshipment.jpg

Go to Outsourcing Goods Shipment

Outsourcing Goods Shipment

This pStyle window will allow you to manage the outsourcing goods delivery.

PS outsourcinggoodsshipment.jpg

Phases tab

If we have created the shipment from the work requirements, we can visualize them for the current shipment. If not, we can click on Create From, so we can select the pending work requirements.

PS createfrom.jpg

Products tab

If we have created the shipment from the work requirements, we can visualize the products belonging to the work requirements selected. If not, in order to fill the corresponding products for each phase, we click on Calculate I/O Products.

PS calculateproductsio.jpg


We can assign an Attribute Set Value to the P+.

PS outsourcingassign.jpg

Distribute shipment

Now, we have to distribute each product P-, so we place them in the storage bin.

PS outsourcingdistribute.jpg

The system show us the distributed quantity per product.

PS productoutsourcingdist.jpg

Now we can Change Status to "deliver" to indicate P- have been delivered to the manufacturer.

PS outsourcingchangestatus.jpg

Now we can create the Work Effort

Work Effort

Work effort can be created from the Outsourcing shipment. We insert here the quantities P+ made and/or rejected. We can validate production on this screen, or uncheck to validate after.

PS createworkeffort.jpg

Please refer to Work Effort to manage it.

Production management finish when we Validate Work Effort.

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