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Modules:Physical Inventory Reason Code



Physical Inventory Reason Code is a commercial module that allows to enter reason codes at Physical Inventory header level. It also adds a Physical Inventory Correction Report that shows in a detailed way the total value of the corrected stock. Specifically this module allows to:


In order to add reason codes to physical inventories it is necessary to define them first.

Reason Code

Reason codes can be defined for any organization. This is done from the Reason Code window.

Reason Code master data Window

The fields in this window are:

Reason Codes in Physical Inventories

Physical Inventory Window

When creating a physical inventory or editing it, the user must define a reason code for the physical inventory being edited (Reason Code is a mandatory field by default, but can be changed by the System Administrator at any time).

Physical Inventory Correction Report

This report shows the value of the stock corrected by physical inventories in a summarized way. The report can be filtered by the following parameters:

The following information will be displayed in a tabular way:

Physical Inventory Correction Report
Bulbgraph.png   The displayed cost is equal to the quantity of the corrected product times the unit cost of said product.

In addition, if the selected output is Html, the report will show a Total Cost section grouped by reason codes.

Physical Inventory Correction Report - Total Section

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