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Modules:Prestashop Integration/User Guide



The Prestashop Module connector has been devoloped by Practics Business Solutions, an Openbravo Gold Partner. It is used to connect Openbravo and Prestashop, being able to sell on-line in Prestashop while keeping Openbrabo as database and managing tool. This commercial module has different processes to import: Attributes, Attribute set, Products, Product categories, Customers, Orders and more features. There are other processes that import basic information such the Store Views, Product taxes and Customer taxes that have to be configured first.

Prestashop Configuration Window (Main section)

This is the main window to configure and see all the information downloaded from the different processes of the ERP. It's composed by the header with the connection parameters and the default configuration for the different process, and the Tabs with the Registers imported from Prestashop.


First, is necessary to configure the Prestashop Server parameters, like the Shop Url and the API Key. This user has to be configured with Administrator role or with another Role but with all the permissions. At the Default Organisation section it can be set the default organization for the new records created on Openbravo like Products, Customers, Characteristic Values and Product categories. There are multiple fields to be configured such as the products and orders configurations. It will allow us to set the price list to be used, taxes, warehouse, delivery conditions…etc


We can also set the customers configuration and the synchronization settings as its seen below.


Note: all blocked records will be created on the corresponding auxiliar tabs, without create the record of Openbravo.

Once all the configurations are done, we will test if the connection works. To do so, there is the button Test Connection that will return a message of Success or Error. In case of Error, the response will show the error code and his message.

Toolbar Fields

Window Buttons

Prestashop Configuration Window (Tabs)

Several tabs are used to keep track of the correlation of the information between Prestashop and Openbravo.

Languages Tab

Before importing all the objects, it is important to first import the languages. Once the languages are imported, the default language must be informed at the main section of the Prestashop Configuration Screen.

Mapping Tab

In this tab the relation between Prestashop objects and Openbravo objects can be set.

Upload Errors Tab

It shows the upload errors when uploading information to Prestashop.

Categories Tab

It shows the relation between the categories in Prestashop and those in Openbravo

Brands Tab

It shows the relation between the brands in Prestashop and those in Openbravo

Product Option Tab

It shows the relation between the product options in Prestashop and the characteristics in Openbravo

Product Tax Tab

It shows the relation between the Product Taxes in Prestashop and those in Openbravo

Products Tab

The product tab will have all the products imported from Prestashop with his basic information and the mapped Openbravo product. The Openbravo product will be created on the import process if the “Block new Products” check of the header is not enabled. If an Openbravo product exist with the same value on the Search Key field as the one from Prestashop, this will be mapped and updated.

Business Partners Tab

It shows the relation between the Business Partners in Prestashop and those in Openbravo.

Customer Groups Tab

It shows the relation between Customer Groups in Prestashop and those in Openbravo

Countries and Regions Tab

It shows the relation between Countries/Regions in Prestashop and those in Openbravo. If the country has the check of Requires Mapped Regions for the tax calculation, the new prestashop Regions won't be created.

Warehouses Tab

It shows the relation between the warehouses in Prestashop and those in Openbravo. The stock in Prestashop will be taken from the warehouses in this tab.

Stock Pending Document Types Tab

When the Stock Method Calculation, from the Orders Configuration Section, is set to “By Pending Sales”, the stock will be calculated taking into account your real stock minus the reservations and the pending sales. To do so, it can be configured the documents types that have to be taken into account. It is in this tab where they are defined.


Freight Tab

It shows the relation between the freights in Prestashop and those in Openbravo.

Payment Methods Tab

It shows the relation between the payment methods in Prestashop and those in Openbravo.

Currencies Tab

It shows the relation between the currencies in Prestashop and those in Openbravo.

Order states Tab

This tab allows the configuration of the importation of the sales orders depending of their state. For example, if only the sales orders which are payed have to be imported to Openbravo, the line referring the Order State “Payed” (Pago acceptado in Spanish) will have the Action “Import” associated.


Orders Tab

It shows the errors when importing orders form Prestashop. Once they are fixed, they will disappear when refreshing the page.

Mail Tab

The alerts and errors will be sent to the mails in this tab. It is useful if it is important to know on time if there are errors or malfunctions.

Background processes

At the Process Request Screen there are several processes that can be scheduled to upload or import information to/from Prestashop. The import processes will import the Prestashop data to Openbravo. The upload processes will upload the data from Openbravo to Prestashop. Some examples are:

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