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Modules:Product Lifecycle Management



Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management, abbreviated PLM, is the set of functionalities that allows companies to manage the various aspects of introducing new products and concluding old products in their assortment. In the business context of Retail-companies, ranging from wholesale distributers to end-point outlets, the two most relevant aspects of PLM are supply chain and pricing:

Manufacturing- or engineering-companies can add other aspects such as design or deployment that are out of scope in this approach.

The typical phases or status of a product in retail, exposed with the typical levels of costs and revenue.

Group of Inventory- and Supply Chain Management functionalities

The PLM functionality has been created in order to enhance the planning and execution functionalities in Openbravo. This is an important part of a set of functionalities that all together bring first class inventory and supply chain capabilities. The complete set is:


Product Lifecycle Management Functionality

PLM-Status definition

The PLM-status is a new column that will be added to the product definition and to the assortment. Both are optional in the initial release of this module but the column in the product definition will be converted to mandatory in a future release. The value of this column is selected from predefined values as created in the PLM-Status window. These PLM-status-values are managed on System Administrator level and define which transactions are allowed.

The PLM-module will come with the following predefined PLM-Status, but can be expanded at will:

Status Description Restrict Sale from POS Restrict Sale from Back-End Restrict Sale if Out-of-Stock (org) Restrict Distribution Order Issue (Roadmap) Restrict Purchase (Roadmap) Restrict Manufacture (Roadmap) Restrict Distribution Order Receipt (Roadmap)
Prototype Product in investigation Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Ramp-Up Introduction phase No No No No No No No
Mature Maturity phase No No No No No No No
Ramp-Down Concluding phase No No Yes No Yes Yes No
Obsolete Out of Catalogue Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Adjustments to existing processes

the system should check, in the relevant processes, if the transaction is restricted according to the PLM-status of the relevant product. If restricted, an error message is shown "Can not create this line for a product in PLM-status <PLM-Status>.

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