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This module implements Re-invoicing. It generates sales invoices from purchase invoices (lines) checked as ready to be re-invoiced.

Master data configuration

All the master data configuration you need to run this module is included in the dataset. Just install the dataset called Re-Invoicing.

Dataset reinvoicing.png

The installed master data will be:

Re-invoicing process


This process has two execution steps:

Invoice Selection

The first step in order to generate a proposal is to check what are the purchase invoice lines that will be re-invoiced. To do that, just go the Purchase Invoice window and do the following actions:

  1. Check the field Re-Invoice in the header of the invoice and the lines you want to re-invoice.
  2. Select the customer of the future generated sales invoice that will include the current purchase invoice.

Purch invoice reinvoicingg.png

Generate proposal

Open the Re-Invoice process (Go to Application > Sales Management > Transactions > Re-invoice process). Fill the filters:

Execute the process. You will see that at the end of the process the window Temporary Sales Invoice Proposal will be opened.

Reinvoice process done.png

Create invoices

Once the Temporary Sales Invoice Proposal window is opened, just select the invoices to generate and press the button Create Invoices. After the executin you will see all the purchase invoice lines selected in the process linked to a sales invoice line in te Re-Invoicing section.

Temporary sales invoice reinvoice.png

Purchase invoice line linked reinvoice.png

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