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Modules:Retail Analytics


Retail Analytics

This module extends the Openbravo Analytics module with new Retail specific Cubes and extends existing Openbravo Cudes.

This module adds new dimensions to the sales cube and adds new cube(s). It makes use of the Openbravo Fact Table infrastructure.

For information on the standard Openbravo cubes see this page.


Extended Sales Cube

Retail Analytics adds several relevant dimensions to the standard Openbravo Sales Cube:

With these dimensions it is possible to analyse any combination of sale informatiion (business partner dimensions, product dimensions, several date dimensions) with the POS Terminal information.

Retail extending sales cube.png

Terminal Sessions Cube

This cube combines the cash up and payment method information based on the daily cashups. It is a cube which gives you insight in the received amounts and differences by POS Terminal, Cashier and Store.

Retail terminal sessions cube.png





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