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Modules:Retail Forgot Password


Forgot Password

Bulbgraph.png   This module will be available starting from RR18Q4


With this functionality a supervisor will be able to reset the password of a user to a default one in case he has forgotten it.


To install the module (an Openbravo Professional instance is needed because it is a commercial module):

Configuration guide

Navigate to the Organization window and in the header check for Default password field.

This is the password needed to log in WEBPOS once a supervisor has approved the request Forgot Password. After login with this default password user will be able to set a new one.


WebPOS Forgot Password Approval

It will be necessary to configure the following approvals to set the supervisor approval.

In Preference window "WebPOS Forgot Password Approval" has to be set to Y for the approver and to N for the user who needs the approval to reset his password.

User guide

A new button called "Forgot Password? will be added in WebPOS Login page


Once user input his user name and clicks on Forgot Password an approval with a supervisor will appear. Once he enters credentials a validation pop up will show.


User can now logging with the default password of the Organization and then the Expired password pop up will show so user can set his password again.


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