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Modules:Scan Receipt

Commercial Extension Module (zero cost) Scan Receipt is an optional free commercial module that can be installed on top of Openbravo for Retail. Currenty on development phase.


The Openbravo Scan Receipt is a new feature that allows users to scan Document Numbers in order to load the Receipts instead of using to Receipts popup.


There is no configuration needed.

Openbravo Web POS is also launched by entering a URL in the web browser. This URL is constructed the following way. http://<IP_address>/openbravo/web/org.openbravo.retail.posterminal/?terminal=<POS Terminal ID (Search Key)>. Then you can write (or scan) on the input a Document Number:


If you click enter it will find that Receipt (paid, layaway o quotation) and it will load it. It will receipts only for the organization of the current POS Terminal:


If there is a Product with a search key that is exactly the document number that you are looking for it will add the product instead of loading the receipt.

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