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Introduction and Functionality Overview

Self checkout is a system whereby customers can scan goods themselves and pay without a cashier in the store.

Sales Assistant has to logging in WEBPOS as usual and select Self Checkout in the drop down menu to be redirected to the main SCO screen.

It will be possible to switch between SCO-WEBPOS and same information will be maintained including product lines, discounts, price modification, order, language etc.

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In the initial SCO screen the client has the instructions to purchase the products and can change the language.

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Then he will be able to scan the products and add them to the ticket.

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Once all the products are scanned,the client will be redirected to the price screen with the summary of the ticket (quantity of products and final price). He will have the option of adding more products or continue to pay.

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If client has completed the ticket he will be directed to the payment method selection screen.

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Once the payment method has been selected, client has to follow the instructions provided to end transaction that will vary depending on the payment method selected and then take products and receipt.

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Switch from Selfcheckout to WebPOS

To go from Selfcheckout to WebPOS the Sales assistant has to double click on company logo icon and the login screen will appear.

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Bulbgraph.png   Note: The following functionality will be available starting from 3.0RR18Q1

General Configuration

SCO Configuration window

A new record has to be created in the back end in the SCO Configuration screen by clicking in the New record icon.

If all these specifications are going to be the same for all the terminals of all the stores with just one record configured here is enough.

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POS Terminal Type window

It is needed to create a new POS Terminal Type for SCO per store or to use an existing one. However, it is very important not to configure just one POS Terminal Type and use it for WEBPOS and SCO terminals, there has to be a POS Terminal Type for SCO and another POS Terminal Type for WEBPOS.

The new terminal should be configured as usual but with one difference: there is a new section called SCO Configuration.

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Is SCO: To enable or disable SCO functionality

SCO Configuration: SCO Configuration desired specified in previous section

Payment Methods

Payment methods have to be configured as usual but with a couple of steps in the SCO Configuration section of the payment method.

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SCO Print Action: Action required for printing receipt depending on payment method. It is possible to select Always, Never or Ask and good bye window with vary accordingly.

SCO Payment Provider: Select Payment Provider of the payment method.

Image: There is a field to upload the desired image to be displayed in SCO. It supports a resolution of 102x64 pixels.

Animations and Language configuration

It is possible to configure specific animations or images for each step at ‘SCO Configuration’ level (country). For each one of them it is also possible to have different animations or images depending on the selected language.

e.g: The “Welcome” screen can have defined “Animation 1” in Chinese language in China, and “Animation 2” in English language in China. Also, the same screen can have defined “Animation 3” in English language in Australia, and “Animation 4” in Japanese language in Australia.

Bulbgraph.png   Note: The configuration approach for this section is still to be decided.


Approval to delete product lines

In addition, another approval to delete product lines can be configured.

If client clicks once in the delete icon of the product line a warning message to call Sales Assistant will be displayed.

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If the sales assistant doubleclicks on the delete icon of the line the approval pop up with the approver credentials will be shown.

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In the case the logged user already has the approval to delete lines, instead of showing the saleas asssistant warning message, a confirmation message appears.

Delete line confirmation

For the configuration, user has to go to Preferences in back end and create two properties for SCO Delete line approval:

1. Property for the approver (Sales asssinstant, for instance)

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2. Property for the user who needs approval (the logged user in Selfchechout). As explained before if there is no user who needs approval, because the the preference SCO Delete line approval is set to Y for the logged user, then when clicking on the delete line buttton, instead of showing the sales assistant message, a confirmation message is displayed

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Verified Products

It is possible to configure products that require verification in SCO from the Sales Assistant.

If the customer scans one of these products it will not be added to the ticket directly and this screen will be shown:

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Then Sales Assistant will go back to WEBPOS (scan product again if needed), do the verification required to add product to the ticket and switch back to SCO.

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It has to be configured at Product level by selecting the checkbox Product to be verified in the SCO configuration section.

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Need Bags functionality

This functionality can be enabled or disabled from the back end. If enabled the client will be able to purchase bags.

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This screen can also be accessed clicking on the button Shooping Bags that it is displayed if the flag Show Add Bags is activated

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This functionality is enabled in the back end in the SCO Configuration screen. Bags are Used checkbox has to be set to true. Here it can be activated the button Shooping Bags.

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In order to create the model bags that will be purchased each bag model has to be configured as an individual product. The checkbox Is Bags in the SCO configuration section of the product has to be selected.

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In the product screen it is also possible to select the bag image to be displayed in SCO by uploading it in the image section.

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From version 20Q1, it is possible to change the step of buying bags at the end of the receipt. You have to active the preference "Bag Purchase Step" = Y

Complementary modules

Self Checkout can be complemented with the following modules:

Best Deal Case:

Alipay, WeChat, Verystar:

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