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This module provides the necessary tools in order to manage the Shipping functionality.


This Module provides a new Document Type and a new Window to manage the Shipping Process.

The Shipping Process groups several Shipments into one Document. It is dependent of the Core Module of Openbravo, version 3.0PR14Q3.2 or above



Openbravo must be in the version 3.0PR14Q3.3 or above.


As System Administrator access the Window General Setup || Application || Module Management. There, it is possible to install new modules by clicking on Add Modules. Search for this module, named Shipping and install it. The system must be rebuilt after the installation.



There is a Dataset to be applied in order to have the newly created Document Type. As Client Admin Role, go to the Enterprise Module Management Window and select the Shipping Dataset. Click on Ok to apply it.


User Guide

In order to create a new Shipping it is necessary to create a new record in the Shipping Window.


Fields to notice in this Window:

When the Shipping Header is created, it is possible to select the Goods Shipments that are going to be included in the same by clicking on the Select Goods Shipments button.


In this Pop Up it is possible to select the desired Goods Shipments to include in the Shipping. Fields to notice in this Window:

Once the records are selected, by clicking on the Submit button they will be included in the Tab Shipments below the Header. Also, for each Shipment, there is a Tab below to show the contents of it.


Once the Goods Shipments are included in the Shipping, there are two actions that can be performed:


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