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Modules:Stock Search Criteria/User Guide



In WebPOS in order to work offline all products that are included in the pricelist and are also included in the assortment are retrieved from the backend when login. These products are kept in the client side so every query related to products are always done against the info stored in the client side. Therefore to select products with stock available can only work being online and doing a query to the backend. So the flow when having in place the stock search criteria will be:

This new module will add a new filter in the SEARCH panel area

New filter

After installing the module a new button will appear in the Search panel. This button will have the label Stock. It will be present as a filter and the difference with the characteristics is that is out of the characteristics area so cannot be done scroll down


How to


In order to filter by Stock the user needs to click the button Stock. After clicking it a popup gets opened. By default the option is "More than zero" and it is already selected. So just pressing Done it will apply the filter


But there is more options:


Once the user selects the option, click Done Button

The Stock button now is in yellow colour meaning that the filter is active StockFilter4.PNG.

The result will not only retrieve the products that have stock but also shows the level of the stock. The stock is the total quantity and does not show the details by warehouse


If the user opens the filter again the option keeps selected

Combine different options

This functionality also allows the user to filter by more than one just option. It is possible to combine them



Define preference to show always product's stock


The preference defined to always show product’s stock is a new functionality added to the module “Filter by stock in product search”, in order to allow the user to manage the visualization of the product’s stock, when searching products in Web POS. Here is explained how to configure the system in order to perform this functionality.


The new preference ‘Allow Always Show Stock’ must be activated to work with the new functionality.


Scope Web POS

Having the preference activated, when searching for products in the search tab the stock is shown as if was filtering by stock:


Getting off line

There’s the possibility to have connection problems while searching for stock. In this case, when an user tries to search products there will be two different cases:




Bulbgraph.png   Note: Functionality described below is available from version 1.0.4

Reservations are taken into account while looking for the stock.

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