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Modules:Training Mode/User Guide


The Training mode feature allows the users to test all the POS Terminal features.The transactions created in the training mode will not be sent to the back-office.

The POS Terminal operations that are not included in the training mode are:

How to start the training mode

To start to use the Training mode, open the menu and select the item Start Training mode

Bulbgraph.png   Note: The preference Web POS Training Mode must be setup in order to see that menu entry

Important:In case the POS Terminal Session module is installed it is very important to notice that for opening the training mode, it is required that there is an open till for the POS terminal used

It can also be created a dummy till in order to start using the training mode but it must be closed when users finish to use this feature

TRMode 01.png

The appearance of the POS terminal change as it shows below

TRMode 02.png

In Training mode, users can do any sales or returns including any type of discount or promotions. A restriction of Training Mode is that verified returns can only be made of sales order already existing in the backoffice. It means that it is not possible to return a sales order created in Training Mode

How to end the training mode

From the POS Terminal menu, select the menu item End Training mode

TRMode 03.png

When an user does End Training mode, he will logout

TRMode 04.png

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