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Openbravo Commerce Cloud <year_short>Q<quarter>.<emergency> is available

Release date: <date (month day, year)>

Pack version: <RR_pack_version>

Maturity Status: <maturity_status>

Bulbgraph.png   This is an update which addresses some issues related to the <year_short>Q<quarter> release. We always recommend to be updated to the latest available update for a release..

The full <year_short>Q<quarter> Release Notes <year_short>Q<quarter> here. .

Fixed issues

Check the complete list of fixed issues.

Other resources and links

Please check the System Requirements prior to Installation or Update.

Get information about previous releases in the Release History page.

To install and configure the Openbravo Commerce Suite, consult the Configuration Guide.

Learn more about how to use Web POS in the Web POS User Guide.

Learn more about Openbravo

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