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OpenbravoPOS Community Projects Ideas



This is the placeholder for ideas for people that wish to contribute to Openbravo POS.


All Openbravo POS projects listed here require knowledge of the Java platform, Java desktop technologies and Java database technologies. It will require different grades of knowledge in relational databases and SQL and Point of sales functionality.

Employee presence management

This functionality module will allow to use Openbravo POS to manage the presence in the store of employees using the POS terminal. Employees will check-in and check-out in any Openbravo POS terminal.

From a higher perspective this functionality module will manage employees, their working time, shifts, working and non working days and will allow to generate reports and charts based on the planned working schedule for employees and real working time.

e-Commerce data integration

This functionality will allow stores to share the products information, images, price, stock availability, customers information ..., between Openbravo POS and other open source e-Commerce application like Magento, osCommerce, eZ Publish, Zen Cart, ...

This integration can be created using an ETL tool like Pentaho Data Integration, the tool used to integrate data between Openbravo ERP and Openbravo POS or using an ESB tool like Mule or JBoss ESB.

Loyalty management

This will allow stores to give customers loyalty cards. This loyalty cards can have a number of points or money that increases every time the customer buys goods or services in the store and can be redeemed in the store or can be used to give gifts, participate in raffles, in marketing campaigns ...

Kitchen monitor and orders management

For restaurants it will allow to have terminals connected to the Openbravo POS database in the kitchen that shows the pending orders, courses served and not served, status, priority, time from it was ordered. In order to organize properly the work in the kitchen.

RTL support

With RTL (Right-to-Left) support included, Openbravo POS will be able to be properly localized to RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Openbravo POS is easy to translate and also Java, the underlying technology of Openbravo POS supports RTL, but all the user interface in Openbravo POS has to be rewritten and/or reviewed in order to properly support RTL.

For this project you will need also to know about Java localization technologies and RTL support in Java.

Improve support for fiscal printers

The current version of Openbravo POS supports fiscal printers with a javapos driver, but in most countries of Latin America and xUSSR where fiscal printers are mandatory, an especial protocol is used. If this protocol is supported the potential market of Openbravo POS will increase a lot.

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