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Openbravo Design and Development Process/Product Roadmap Definition



The purpose of this stage is to collect market and customers (end-users) functional requirements, including generic and mandatory statutory and regulatory requirements, into the Openbravo Roadmap.

Openbravo product roadmap is intented to reflect Openbravo product vision that is based on:

Roadmap structure and evolution

Openbravo product roadmap is structured according to the following levels:

Openbravo maintains and continuously updates a complete functional map with 600+ features defined.

The roadmap evolves based on feedback from our Target Market as Openbravo works closely with a select group of Partners on roadmap evolution through the Openbravo Product Committee:

Roadmap communication

Openbravo communicates the committed roadmap or "Operational Roadmap", ahead of the start of each quater release as described below:

Each quarterly roadmap is frozen once it is planned and published, therefore no changes will be made to the committed operational roadmap, as shown in the image below.

Aha InDevelopment.jpg

For additional information about Openbravo quarterly release, please review Launch stage.

Roadmap managament

Openbravo product roadmap is managed in a tool named Aha. This tool allows to define the roadmap, set timelines, define the work to do and collect feedback.

Openbravo roadmap tool has long term or strategical stand point views, together with operation views, engineering team uses within design and development process:

Besides, the feature list view allows different teams to track:

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