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Openbravo On Demand Partner Guide

Bulbgraph.png   This document refers to a service that has been discontinued. Please check the Openbravo Cloud service


Signing Up customer to Openbravo On Demand

Openbravo On Demand is available to customers only through partners.
Upon enrollment to the partner program for each Openbravo partner an account is created in the On Demand platform (in EU or US platforms, depending on partnerĀ“s zone and for partners operating in different zones - in both) and an e-mail with access credentials is sent.

To sign up customer to Openbravo On Demand follow below two steps:

Obtain Sign Up Page

Sign Up Page URL is the same for all customers but is unique to each partner and Openbravo product (OBPS or OB for Retail) and allows to track which customers belong to which partner and Openbravo product. You can use this URL, for example, to embed to your website for customers self-service.

  • Login to the On Demand platform using your credentials.
  • Go to Revenue --> Plans menu.
  • Click on the "Signup" button, and it will give you the URL to pass to the customers for this plan.

Hand it to customer

Give Sign Up Page URL to all your customers who want Openbravo On Demand.
The customer fills in simple registration form (username, company and credit card info) and after this in about 5 minutes Openbravo instance is booted.
You can reference to Openbravo_On_Demand_User_Guide for more details.

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Openbravo On Demand Management Platform Screens

Home Page

When a partner logs into the platform a Dashboard is shown that displays some summary information about its account.
The top menu bar allows the partner to navigate to five areas of the platform:

  • Support menu: Customers and their Application Instances
  • Revenue menu: Commissions, Sign Up Pages and Payments.
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The Customers screen contains a list of customers that have registered for the service, the primary contact, the email address, the date acquired, the plan they signed up for and the number of Openbravo instances customer has.

Apps link navigates to the App Instances window (see description of it below).

Clicking on the Customer Name link allows to view more detailed information about the customer: payment status, next billing date and total amount that was invoiced to and paid by the customer.
From this window it is also possible to

Logging in as a Customer

On Demand platform allows partners to create a one-time login token to access customers accounts and help resolve customer support issues.

  • This is done by clicking on the Create login token button
  • This login token can be copied and pasted into the browser address bar to give one time access to a customers account
  • Login tokens can only be used once and unused tokens are valid for one day after which time they expire and a new one will have to be created
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App Instances

The App Instances window shows a list of customers instances that are running on the platform with their addresses and pricing parameters like number of named users, number of POS terminals and disk space used.

Application address link allows to explore more details about the instance.
Important fields to note there are related to low level connection credentials to the customer instance with SSH / SFTP and to the database. Please reference to the Openbravo_On_Demand_System_Administration_Guide for more details about usage of these parameters.


The Commission screen details the commissions earned from the revenue accrued from customers who have registered via a partner campaign. It details:

  • The name of the relevant customer
  • A description of the commission earned - usually the name of the product resold
  • The date the commission was earned
  • The total value of the sale
  • The percentage commission applied to the sale
  • The absolute value of the commission earned which equates to the percentage commission applied to the total value of the sale

Sign Up Pages

Sign Up Pages are used to sign up customers to particular products available in On Demand platform.
See Signing Up customer to Openbravo On Demand process above.

When new Openbravo product is available through On Demand platform a new campaign is automatically created for all partners.


The Payments screen details the payments that have been approved for partner (based on the commission earned and invoiced). These funds will be send to Parnters by Openbravo payment provider Stratus5.

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