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Openbravo On Demand User Guide

Bulbgraph.png   This document refers to a service that has been discontinued. Please check the Openbravo Cloud service


Launching Openbravo On Demand

Starting with Openbravo On Demand is easy. These are three steps you need to follow.

Obtain Sign Up Page

Ask one of the Partners in your region for it or let us help you to match your needs with the most appropriate partner by filling the Customer Contact Form.

Please note that with Openbravo On Demand it is possible to boot two solutions:

Openbravo partner will help you to identify which one is the best fit for you and will provide corresponding Sign Up Page.

Fill in Registration Form

Provide user credentials, company information and credit card details.

  • Choose Application Address field defines URL of your Openbravo instance. It is defaulted using Company Name field.
  • Terms of Service link opens Openbravo On Demand usage conditions. This is a permanent link so you can save it for future reference.

Sign Me Up! button starts provisioning of the Openbravo On Demand instance.

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Openbravo instance is ready for you

Usually it takes around five minutes to boot Openbravo On Demand instance. While the instance is booting information message is displayed.

When the process finishes:

  • Welcome screen of the On Demand Management Platform is displayed
  • Two welcome emails are sent to your email address. First one informs you about the creation of your account in the On Demand platform with the login details. Second email notifies you about the boot of your Openbravo instance with the user / password to access it.
  • Credit Card is billed for the subsequent month

Take me to my new Openbravo button opens your Openbravo instance login page.

Note: Openbravo On Demand instance comes activated with the proper license based on the type of the solution you have chosen: Openbravo Commerce Platform or Openbravo ERP Platform. So there is no need to do it manually and you can directly start with the product configuration. Usually this process begins with the installation of the required modules:

Openbravo On Demand roadmap contains two items to improve above topics: usage of the latest CS MP for newly provisioned instances and booting of vertical solutions (like Openbravo Commerce Platform) with all required for them modules pre-installed.

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Openbravo On Demand Management Platform Screens

When logged into a platform details of your instance and its usage are displayed.

Home Page


  • Openbravo instance URL
  • It´s usage parameters: Number of named users or Number of POS Terminals (if applicable), Disk space usage and Last Login date and time
  • Two tabs with low level connection details: to the instance with SSH / SFTP and to the Database
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Shows monthly invoices generated by the platform and allows their download if required.

My Account

Contains information about customer account and allows its modification.

From here it is possible to:

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  • Edit account details
  • Change password
  • Replace payment method
  • Change plan.
    • Note. Change plan from one to another is not supported in a fully automated mode yet. So after it is done in the On Demand please contact your Openbravo Partner (Openbravo Support if you are a Partner) to finish the process.
  • Cancel the service

Cancelling Subscription

To close the service press on Cancel and Close My Account link.

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