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Openbravo POS Customers Management



This guide refers to the Openbravo POS 2.10 version and next versions. In this version Openbravo POS has included functionality to manage customer's debts, assign customers to receipts to create invoices, print loyalty cards, etc.

Edit customers

To edit customers go to the page Administration / Customers / Customers. In this page you can browse customer's data, create new customers, remove customers and edit customer's fields.

Openbravo POS Edit customer.

The fields of a customer record are:

Edit receipts for a customer

In the sales page you can assign a customer pressing the customer button on the top of the screen that shows a dialog to search customers. You can search customers typing part of the name in the search text field and you can use the on screen keyboard that appears on the right of the dialog. This on screen keyboard works as a mobile phone and is the same in other areas of Openbravo POS.

Find customer dialog.

Or you can read the customer's loyalty card with the barcode. Using the customer's credit card allows you to perform sales faster and will allow to use the customer information in your customer's loyalty programs. Cards can be printed using the customers report or using your preferred printing service.

Customer card.

If a customer is assigned, when the sale is closed you can sell on credit to this customer if you want. In this case the credit will be registered and you will be able to track all the customer debts and also the customer can cancel the debts as explained in the next point.

Sell on credit.

Cancel customer debts

To cancel customer debts go to Main / Customers. Find the customer using the dialog to search customers or reading the customer's loyalty card using the barcode scanner. It is the same method to assign a customer to a receipt in the sales panel.

Sell on credit.

Once a customer is selected the customer's data is displayed in the page. Here you can see the customer debts and the debt date. In this page you can also edit the address of the customer and notes.

To cancel the customer debts press the button Pay account. A payment dialog is displayed and you can select the payment methods like in the sales panel. Once the payment is accepted, a receipt with the payment is printed.

Customer properties in receipts

The customer fields available when printing receipts and reports based on receipts are available using the ticket.getCustomer() object of CustomerInfoExt class. This is a list of the properties that access these fields:

General information

Contact information

Location / Address information

Printing a report

Printing reports is supported using the new events capabilities that allow to execute script functions in several moments of the edition of receipts, for example when closing a sale, and in the ability to print reports designed using JasperReports from script code. There is the Openbravo POS Scripting Tutorial that explains in detail how to use scripts.

To print reports is done using the sentence sales.printReport(resourcename). This instruction loads the jasper reports definition file passed as a parameter and prints it to the reports printer defined in configuration panel.

The following fields are passed to this printer:

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