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Register a user

Most of the Openbravo web properties like Openbravo Mantis, Openbravo Wiki or Openbravo Forge share the same login and password since they use Openbravo Single Sign On services.

If you are not registered in these Openbravo web properties, you have to create a new account.

Register a project

Registering a project is your first step to get involved in the Openbravo ecosystem. Follow this short guide to learn how to register a project in Openbravo Forge.

It is a simple 2 step wizard which asks the minimum information to create the project. Note that you will be able to change the configuration afterwards using the administration panel.

First go to the register form:

Then you only need to fill the form:

  1. Fill the basic project information:
    • Name: The project name. Can have spaces and should be enough to understand the project's aim.
    • Short name: A short version of the project's name without spaces. It will be used in project's URL.
    • Description: A brief description of the project. What it is about, its goals, its target market.
    • License: Choose one of the different licenses for your project. You can choose (if needed) other open source if non of the combo-box licenses is the one you have chosen for your project. If that's the case, please specify it on the Description field.
    • Project type: Whether the project is a translation project or any other kind of project.
    • Category: Choose if your project targets Openbravo ERP or Openbravo POS.
    • Subcategory: Choose one of the subcategories for the category previously selected.
      Note: later you will be able to add your project to two more categories in your admin interface.
    • Visibility:
  2. Fill the links to the services associated to the project.
    You can add here the links to your own system services if any, otherwise Openbravo recommends the usage of bitbucket as free source code hosting.
    • Forums Link:
    • Downloads link:
    • Bugtracking Link:
    • Code Link:
    • Wiki Link:
Please note that in the case you are a "Professional" localizer registering a "Localization" module or pack the "Forge Project Tools" listed below need to point to Openbravo tools, such as:
  • Wiki Link to the corresponding wiki page which needs to be tagged at the very end of the document as Category:Mexico, for instance.
    Please contact the Openbravo Localization Lead at (, before creating your country "Category".
  • Bugtracking Link to the Openbravo Issues system - Project: Professional Localizations - Category: Professional Localization Mexico, for instance
    If you do not find the specific Professional Localization "Category" for your country please contact the Openbravo Localization Lead at (
    Either you want to report an issue or monitor the issues entered, you need to create an account "username" here: login Openbravo.
    • if you are the owner of the "Professional" localization for your country,please contact the Openbravo Localization Lead to inform her about the username who will monitor the issues of any kind reported for your localization project.
  • and a Code Link to the corresponding (to be defined).
If you have any question related to any "localization" project tools link please contact the Openbravo Localization Lead at (

And that's all you have to do to create a new project in Openbravo Forge.

Now you can go to your recently created project homepage:

Forge Project.png

Register a project for reference

Even though Openbravo Forge is designed to keep with the Openbravo ecosystem project needs, there are some tools that you will want to have control over (publicizing your own news on your company's site or maybe your company already hasa bug tracking system).

This does not mean that you can not use Openbravo Forge at all. Openbravo Forge has also been designed to cope with this kind of project deployments. Because of this, whenever you activate an artifact (forums, wiki, bugtracking ...) you are able to choose between the local resources provided by the Openbravo Forge or use your own resources. If you choose the later you will be able to add an URL to where the service will be running - so whenever a user sees your project, it will show not only the local artifacts, but also the remote artifacts, which will be available through the project's tabs.

With this, all users that come to your project will be able to see all your project's artifacts activated and go to them without loosing out on the party.

Registering projects checklist

How well your project is classified, described and managed has a direct impact on the visibility that your project will have within Openbravo Forge, and as result, will affect how many potential users and contributors your project attracts.

These are our recommendations when registering a project:

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