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The following Product Certification Requirements must be passed for acceptance as a Commercial Module in the Exchange. The Author/Seller is responsible to ensure proper compliance.


Legal requirements

Packaging requirements

File:Text to Identify OBCL.png

Here is the text (to copy/paste):Licensed under the Openbravo Commercial License version 1.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at or in the legal folder of this module distribution.

Information requirements

Product requirements

Installation requirements






Note: If you do not want non paying customers accessing detailed technical or functional documentation, you may embed PDF files and other accompanying material (configuration file examples, small tools, etc.) within the OBX file itself. To do so create the folder com.mycompany.mymodule/web/docs in the folder structure (whereas com.mycompany.mymodule is the package name of your module) Now put all documentation and accompanying files in there. Accompany them by a simple HTML document called index.html from which you can link to them.

Once the user has installed the module on his Openbravo instance, your documentation index.html file is accessible at http://servername/openbravo/web/com.mycompany.mymodule/docs/ (whereas "servername" is the address of your Openbravo server, and com.mycompany.mymodule is the package name of your module)

We recommend to avoid including large files as these may slow down the process of installing your module. If your module disposes of any screens for configuration, you can place a link to the documentation on it. You can find more information in the Developers Guide

Community Tools

If you have any doubt regarding these pre-requisites, you can post your questions in the Openbravo Exchange Help forum

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