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An organization is an enterprise of a Client. Each client must have at least one organization created by running the Initial Organization Setup process. The process of creating an organization ends after setting it as "Ready".

In other words, the process of creating an organization ends after setting it as "Ready" as Openbravo requires to perform a set of checkings which validate that the organization has been properly created and that the organization structure is valid. If an organization is not properly created Openbravo will display an error when trying to set it up as ready.

It is not possible to add new organization aboveOnce an organization is set as ready no changes can be made in the sense of that to the organization anymore. New organizations can be added but cannot be placed above the current organization but underneath or at the same level.


The Organization window allows to maintain the organizations created by the Initial Organization Setup process.

There are different type of data left to be entered or changed for an organization:

Inherited Information

This field group is collapse by default with following read only fields.

Above fields are automatically fetched and set with proper values when setting organization as ready.

An organization can have only one general ledger configuration assigned unless:

  1. the organization has its own one and besides inherits another one from its parent organization
  2. or if the advanced general ledger configuration feature is enabled at system level.

The way to allow an organization to have more than one general ledger configuration assigned is described below:

Food & Beverage (F&B) sample client shipped with Openbravo illustrates scenario 1 above:

The tree action button Icon.png allows to drag and drop an organization within an enterprise model, whenever it is NOT "Set as Ready".

"Set as Ready" process takes into account below list of requirements per organization type:

Once an organization is set as ready:


Information tab allows to add relevant information of an organization, information such as location and tax ID number.

Organization InformationTab.png

Fields to fill in are:

Finally the checkbox Tax Not Deductible allows to configure an Organization as a non tax deductible organization if enabled.
That is the case of Organizations like Public Sector organizations for which tax deduction is not allowed. In this case:

The field Sales Tax Exempt Rate allows to enter a by default exempt sales tax rate to be used in the sales invoices by the non tax deductible organizations.

Period Control

Period Control tab is a read-only tab which lists the fiscal calendar period status of an organization.

Org PeriodControl.png

The Status. It is split in two columns. One that represents the Status with a color code, making it easier to understand the situation at a quick glance. The other one represents the Status by it's name, making it possible to filter the records shown. The possible Status values are:

This tab can be used for searching for a period (i.e. Jan-14) and get its current status.

As shown in the image below the period Feb-14 have a mixed status, meaning that not all the Document Types have the same Status value within Organization "F&B España S.A." which has the "Calendario España" assigned.

Org PeriodControlMixedStatus.png

For more information see Open/Close Period Control.


Documents tab is a read-only tab which lists the Document Category status for a selected period of an organization.

Org PC Documents.png

For more information see Documents on Open/Close Period Control window.

Data Sets

Data sets tab allows to view the reference data applied to the organization and informs in case there is any updated of a reference data applied availabe.

Organization DataSetsTab.png

On Hand Warehouse

Relation of prioritized on hand warehouses of the Organization.

Organization WarehouseTab.png

In this tab it is possible to define the organization's warehouse/s, that way the quantity on hand of an organization is the sum of the available stock of its warehouse/s.

It is possible to define the priority of each organization's warehouse/s therefore Openbravo proposes first the goods of the warehouse with a higher priority.

Full list of Organization window fields and their descriptions is available in the Organization Screen Reference.

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